what's going on everybody Tanner Weidman of barbarian body and in today's video I'm gonna be showing you guys how you can get a bigger pair of forearms and actually add some ass to that lower arm from the comfort of your own home I've got arsenal of exercises that you like they haven't heard of or even tried that are really gonna help you to have those Popeye arms coming through in no time without further ado let's get straight into this one all right to kick this thing off here we're gonna start with probably the coolest exercise that's going to be in this archive it does require a little bit of d-y I however I am going to include a little bit of a step-by-step tutorial that you will see what this video it's pretty simplistic and definitely one of the best home form exercises that you can perform and this is going to be wrist rollers so as you can see me performing right here you're gonna be using a PVC pipe now the thicker of a PVC pipe that you choose to get the more demand there's gonna be on your forearms as they will be required to grip on to more of a surface area with the wire drilled through the center of the pipe you're gonna hang a plate or a dumbbell off of the end now from this position right here I'm focusing on getting wrist extensions so I can hit the upper portion of my form and you're thinking about performing two things one yes you're trying to bring that plate up but two you're actually trying to focus on contracting flexing and acting those forearm extensors as you're bringing the weight up so you can maximize the results of this exercise again we want to focus on the intention of the movement and that is to add mass to the forearms for this exercise I recommend you try about three full rotations of bringing that weight all the way up to the top and then all the way back down to the bottom or if you want to try a more challenging version you can perform this for a time duration something between about thirty to sixty seconds should be sufficient that adequately hit in your forearms now not only can this exercise be performed for the extensors of the forearm but if you put your arms into this supination position you're actually able to hit all the flexors as well again focusing on contracting and flexing the forms with intention on every rotation of the PVC pipe now not only is this piece of equipment terrific for doing wrist rollers but you're actually able to perform some wrist curls as well now the way that I'm performing the movement here is with an isometric hold you guys know I like to increase time on your attention it is especially effective when you're trying to focus on stimulating hypertrophy so what we're gonna be doing here is they controlled tempo again in tension here to flex the form extensors and once the wrists are fully brought back we're focusing on contracting and holding that position for about a half of a second and actually what I'm gonna recommend is not just a holding of that position there but rather a focusing on trying to squeeze and contract in that hold as hard as you possibly can so you can develop more of that mind-muscle connection and fully break down the muscle tissue that we're trying to target now the same way that we were able to hit the extensors if we put our arms behind the back palms facing away from us we're able to get into some wrist curls to focus on the flexors of the arm again we're going to be performing that one-second isometric hold just so that we can increase that time under tension you're interested in using the same protein powder that I use well then you're going to be definitely interested in blessed plant-based vegan protein powder and the reason that I take a vegan protein powder is because I'm lactose intolerant pretty much every other protein powder out there yeah they use lactose in it causes indigestion it's totally uncomfortable no not only is this protein super high quality but blessed is actually doing a very limited time free giveaway until the 22nd of July you can get a free lunch box when you order any of their three packs of the blessed protein powder and if you use my code barbarian at checkout you're either gonna save a few more dollars off of your order so if you're interested in checking out this limited time offer there will be a link down in my description to HP's website where you can check out there's three packs of blessed protein get the free lunch box and use my code barbarian at checkout save some more money let's get into the rest of the content now now after we've performed a lot of our isolation exercises to hit the forums they should be significantly pre fatigued for us to get into our next movement which are gonna be some iron grip whole so what you're focusing on doing here is grabbing those dumbbells and squeezing them as hard as you possibly can from this position you're gonna maintain this isometric hold as you walk for distance or for time I'm gonna recommend about sixty to a hundred feet for every single set or perform about thirty to sixty seconds of these walks now this is gonna demand a lot more out of the forms other than just your traditional hold and carry from a standstill position once you start to walk and move it actually adds a lot more require from the forms in order to stabilize the weight now if you don't have the hexagonal dumbbells as you saw me performing earlier you can opt for heavier dumbbells as you see me perform right here I think for this when I was doing about 85 pounds again you're gonna focus on getting about 60 to 100 feet or 30 to 60 seconds of total time under tension and if you're gonna be performing the carries in this exact manner please ensure that you're keeping those dumbbells parallel to the ground you don't want one and tipping too far over the other as this does have a high likelihood of causing injury to your wrists always focus on keeping those dumbbells parallel with the ground now one of my favorite exercises to target the brachioradialis which you can see right here on the anatomical reference is going to be some hammer curl hold so with the neutral grip palms facing towards each other you're gonna bring those dumbbells on and hold for one second and what you're gonna notice is that you can see that shaking in that vibration throughout my torso in every repetition and this is just gonna be a great way to exemplify exactly what I'm doing while I'm lifting those weights it's just because I'm squeezing those weights as hard as I possibly can and mentally trying to recruit my brachioradialis as much as possible this is actually what maximizes the effect of the exercise again in tension focusing and contracting the muscle and shortening it as much as I possibly can and for the hammer grip holds which you'll perform for a one-second ISO squeeze at the top of the range of motion I recommend three sets of ten to twelve repetitions and their final exercise again to hit more of the extensors of the forms we're gonna be getting some reverse curls I recommend about three sets of ten to twelve repetitions and again you'll also notice that I've actually included that one second ISO squeeze now while you're performing this you want to focus on having those wrists either completely neutral or even in some slight extension so we can maximally activate the extensors of the forearm right from the very beginning of the range of motion also if you have your wrist drooping down in there in that flexion movement while you're trying to bring the weight up you're gonna notice a lot of strain and discomfort in the wrist this is not a good or healthy position to be in so make sure that if you can't perform this with the fully extended wrist on every repetition that you're at least able to maintain risk neutrality and if you actually find that you can't do that then I recommend that you go for a lighter weight just start there so that you can strengthen up your wrist before you start to move on to higher weight sacrifice your form and wind up injuring wrists so there you guys go that concludes today's video hope you guys enjoyed it and learned a lot now if you're looking for any of my programs whether they're for training or diet then be sure to head on over to the barbarian viacom there should be a link that's gonna pop up somewhere around this screen and if you can't find it there then be sure to head on over to the description box there will be a link to the website there if you guys enjoyed this video then be sure to smash that like button down below and also be sure to subscribe and hit the bell notification icon for weekly workout tips and nutrition tips that you'll not once miss thank you so much for joining me guys I'll see you all in the next video

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45 thoughts on “8 KILLER Forearm Exercises for MASS & STRENGTH (POPEYE FOREARM GROWTH!!)”

  1. Excellent posting. That DIY wrist curler is likely the best exercise tool. Really awesome. So easy and so productive and so often completely neglected by most PTs. Forearms have never been so stiff. Your other exercises are great too. I add simple double and single armed hanging from a lat bar. Hang full body weight for upwards of a minute with both hands – or as long as possible (tight grip). Loosens up the back as a bonus. Hanging one hand is hard too, but care needs to be taken with the shoulder.

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