what's going on everybody Tanner Wyman of barber by today we've got big gruesome truly gruesome at home dumbbell only back worker routine we're gonna be him the lower back the middle back the upper back you want some thickness you want wick and you wanted it all at home you're in the right place that's always going to be performing this routine with a pair of 25 pound dumbbells now we're gonna be going through the first round right here together if you guys want to push yourselves I challenge you to repeat the workout to total tons if you really want to push it I challenge you email it three total times and as always be sure to let me know down in the comments section how far you were able to get let's get straight into this one so for you bringing those dumbbells up towards the hips focus on contracting the back we got total twelve repetitions ready and go holding for about half of a second just so we can increase time under tension and maximize recruitment of the back of every repetition for eight more squeezing the back whatever just lifting away we're trying to fold this in tension by contracting the muscle we're targeting here five more four not sufficiently beginning into some wide grip rows three two one more hands good I'm not pretty sucking here we're gonna be getting into twelve repetitions so bent over again lower back nice and straight bringing those arms out nice and wide we're gonna recruit a lot of that upper back twelve repetitions ready and go again you focus on contracting the back or not just lifting a weight six halfway seven eight four more three two one more good toss those dumbbells down for a second shake it out we're gonna begin again to some bent tools or flies here grab them those dumbbells coming down nice and low always focusing on breathing never holding that breath we'd be together you two bends over rows 10 repetitions ready and go contract the back five halfway for three if you need to get a little bit of body English that's totally okay just try to keep it to a minimum little more and good else down here we've got two more exercises next we're gonna be getting into some dumbbell Romanian deadlifts for 15 repetitions it's gonna help us a hint lower back middle back in and upper back as well feet about shoulder width apart keep those legs nice and stationary you're gonna hinge to the hips let those hands drag down past your knees and then coming right back up and we're gonna total of 15 repetitions let's get into it ready and go coming down old tempo we're not looking for speed keep that lower back nice and straight 12 11 10 breathin always breathing keep pushing through you want to quit you want to pause try and push through those movements but maintain your work for five more three two one more it's good toss those dumbbells down for a second we got a final exercise what we're gonna be getting here all right some slight bent over dumbbell shrugs so the same way we focus on bringing those shoulders up to the ears we're going to be bringing them back and towards the ears on about a 45 degree angle to recruit the upper traps the middle traps and a lot of the upper back as well we got 15 total repetitions getting a slight incline here and we're gonna start to shrug those shoulders ready and go now you're gonna notice your lower into the back you're going to be required for this exercise quite significantly I said performing an isometric hold to keep your body in position check for and always focusing on keeping that lower middle back as straight as possible eight five four three two one more good so there you guys go that concludes today's actual my dumbbell only back workout routine and I just want to make mention my dumbbell hold workout program where I go through all three rounds with you guys comes included with a full calendar I'm still working on it we're putting it together this thing is gonna be killer so stay tuned for that let me know down in the comments section if you're waiting for that and what type of work ups you'd like to see inside of this program now as I always mentioned if you guys want to challenge yourselves I challenge you to repeat this workout right here two total times you really want to push it I challenge you to nail it three total times and as always be sure to let me know down in the comments how are you able to get if you guys enjoyed this video then be sure to smash that like button down below and also be sure to subscribe and hit that Bell notification icon because that one is very important for weekly workout tips and nutrition tips that you'll not want to miss thank you so much for joining me guys I'll see you all in the next video

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Methew Wade

47 thoughts on “6min Home BIGGER BACK Workout (DUMBBELLS ONLY – WIDTH & THICKNESS)”

  1. No muss, no fuss…just straight forward smart workouts. Love the channel and SO GLAD I subscribed! Thanks man!

  2. Love your videos man, as a 18 year old I used to hate the way I Looked, then stumbled across your videos and have been doing your workouts since January. I am in great shape now and love the way I look!! Keep up the great videos, thanks bro!!

  3. Great videos Tanner! You're really helping me get into shape! Just one little advice and I hope I don't offend you because it's coming from a good place: Never shave anywhere ever again!! You're such a stunning man and that fur makes you just look incredibly HOT! And I'm holding myself back here. Don't deprive is of all your sexiness while you help us get into shape! That's all I'm asking. Lol!!

  4. that was great man….i was really looking for a home back workout with some variation …and i just got the perfect workout……will try it tomorrow 😎🙌💪💪

  5. Dope how you always do the workouts yourself as well so we can follow along, really digging these dumbbell only exercises

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