what's up guys it's Sydney and this is your 60 minute cardio speed and agility workout so grab your sweat towel and let's get started what's up guys I'm so excited that you're here for our 60 minute cardio speed and agility workout one hour with me we do have a nice warm up and cool down built in to the time so when you start when we start we're gonna go I'm gonna go hard and then we're gonna close it out cooling down together okay don't need any equipment but you will need some space to move and hold water and a sweat towel you're interested in the sweat towels that I have the Sydney squad sweat towel is available for you guys on the website in the description below but it's got the oil change crown and Sydney squad whoops there you go so if you're interested you can grab that in the description below also just a couple more days until I'll be in Houston Texas for a meet-and-greet we'll be in Discovery Green in Jonesville on from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. on Saturday the 20th July 20th okay so I'd love to meet you if you're there if you have friends around there love to meet you hug you take pictures hear your stories so again Saturday July 20th 12:00 to 2:00 Houston Texas discovery green Jones lawn all that info will be in the description below okay let's go ahead and get started give me a thumbs up if you are ready alright great job come on back to the back of your mat we're gonna kick that front leg out first okay and then three seconds we're gonna slide down reaching down towards your toe okay three two one here we go scoop it down and then come back up and switch there we go reach up up back and you should feel this all on the back of your legs I want you to think about today whatever you may be feeling right now motivated unmotivated ready not ready we're still gonna finish it together so might as well get your mind right okay let's go one more and good separate those legs nice and wide we're gonna reach over opposite sides okay so whatever you're feeling right now just release the negative thoughts okay just be ready to work your harness that's all the expectation is you're working hard if you need to stop breathe grab some water we've got time for that in a workout if you need modifications I'll show you how to do those it's workout is for everyone no matter where you are no matter what fitness level you're at we're all going to work hard together and that's the only expectation okay so pump that you're here let's reach it down in the middle front and back with your hips okay I'm working a lot on the back of the leg right now getting in the hamstrings we've got a nice long cooldown as well so you can look forward to that will fit up a little bit at the end of the workout with some combo cardio moves and a lot of the moves today will be combo cardio okay butt kicks so I try to incorporate a couple moves in keep your hips kind of facing forward so you feel that quad stretch hamstring activation now let's get the arms involved kick and pull back here you go if you can add a little hop good job three two one let's reach over to the side reach tap tap in that back toe you'll feel your core activating as well arms are stretching hips are rotating great job keep breathing all throughout the day that breath is gonna be crucial three two one all right let's get butt kicks going here you go work your arms as well through breathing starting to get heavy that's good getting the heart rate up nice and slow so we do keep it up keep it up for a while alright come back into the middle let's go lunges we're each side to side now let's actually step it out side to side good job over get in the quads working good job let's go one more each side there's left and right all right now bring it back to the back of your mat feet together you're gonna walk it out into a pike pedal your heels down there you go now drive your heels down to the floor shift your hips side and side we'll walk it back in back in back in and slowly come on up all right what's with the arms just a little bit front to back and then we'll get right into it okay so what we're gonna do is work in 45 second intervals 45 seconds for the first round 40 seconds for the second round in that way we can get some water take a big deep breath cross your arms over and I can show you your next move so two rounds for every move lots of variety today so if you come here looking for workouts that you don't repeat a lot of exercises this would be great for you okay I was gonna do super sets but I think with compound movements you need to know practice and move a couple times so it's going to go two rounds and then we're done with that move and we're on to the next one all right seven seconds big deep breath we're gonna start with jumping jacks if you need to modify just tap it out to the side okay two one here we go starting with one where you kind of warm it up a little bit get the body moving okay feel free to move side to side this is your workout I'm just here pushing as hard as I can we feel good you want to speed this up bend your arms just a little bit move your feet a bit quicker there you go all right ten seconds and we're done with round number one beautiful come on to one Rick now you can stay moving in your wrist you can also just breathe okay one more round of jumping jacks I challenge you speed it up this round then we're done with it okay four three two one let's go go up and up quick feet think about your inner thighs they're pulling in in in okay light on your toes good job good job a little quicker good keep the breathing up good 15 seconds here we go 14 13 12 good you know this one 3 2 1 good 20 seconds rest before the next move your next move is an ex jump we're gonna start here together feet together slight half squat we're gonna go into a shape of an exit to the side come back into the middle ex to the side if you need to modify just come down and jump if you can go jumping let's go here ready here we go come down everything's in together open up to an ex back in you need to modify no jump come up down up down still breathe in with me good job alright we got ten seconds here we go nine perfect five four three two one rest good grab some water if you need it let's just go ahead throw the expectation outs at my mat it's gonna be all over the place okay always with the cardio workouts round two let's go down and up so we're getting cold I involved in this one good moving a little bit lateral and a little bit vertical beautiful come on give me 12 more seconds perfect come on go go go we've got five four two one beautiful job twenty seconds rest we're going to go into lateral curtsy taps if we don't have to go into a lunge but I do want you to touch the floor two options you can go over hop touching the ground or you can just step touch step touch ready let's go to the left first here we go touch down push whether you're hopping or just standing and switching you're touching the floor with your opposite hand as the front toe where that agility comes in multiplanar multi-directional good wear a good work 15 seconds keep that breathing going every rep okay five seconds here we go five four come on two one rest beautiful job big deep breath seven seconds one more time and then we're done with it moving on to a side shuffle two one let's go hopping or stepping just keep moving quick perfect let's go let's go legs might be burning focus on that breath 15 seconds come on push push push you got it eight seven come on four three two one rest beautiful job big deep breath I know when you need it cuz I'm doing it with you okay side shuffle vertical hop we've got one two swing your arms up just one jump one two one two okay if you're modifying just give me a squat instead of a jump let's go so start scooping your arms learn that second fly one two there you go who wants your arms to help you good perfect you got 15 seconds there you go guys come on six five to one rest walk around 15 seconds good job you're doing great we're gonna move down onto the floor next see me one more really good round lipslides you ready two one let's go one two up or one two down one two down if you're modifying to sink it into a squat I just want to break up your slide perfect come on fifteen seconds you with me good ten goodbye for to 120 seconds rest let's grab some water okay we're going to be moving up and down your mat on this one Tiny's forward Burpee pop don't go all the way to the floor okay so we're gonna start here here high knees here high knees okay top and bottom of your mat you've got one Burpee not to the floor just pop it in and out let's go ahead perfect movement move it move it keep those knees coming up even if your power marching okay you can step back step up March March okay we're in it together whatever speed you're going up we're going together there you go three two one rest all right deep breath one more round then we're done with it and then we're going down to the mat that's it breathe here we go two one let's get knees up in between come on come on I went through you got it you got this fifteen seconds perfect you got eight seven four three two one rest and come on down to the floor all right this one's gonna have to closes in it so you're gonna be high plank position we're going to switch jumps one foot comes up you've got one two switch okay if you need to modify just take it back one two take it back okay ready let's go two pulses drop the back knee twice pop your butt up in the air and switch it doesn't have to be low like a mountain climber you can push it up switch [Applause] good job keep breathing with me push push push let's go ten more seconds ten nine four three two one rest shake the quads I know they're burning you can physically shake them or you can just walk it out or you can rest on the ground one more round we're done with it here we go three two one come on you got this here we go one two step or hop back breathe every rep focus right in between your thumbs come on I'm with you give me 12 more good seconds come on let's go let's go push seven six three two one drop it down right here you did amazing and that was probably the toughest one we'll do all day okay just so you know the quadroon I'm sharing that with you right now yeah okay next round we're going plank jacks in out in out to modify touch touch okay here we go two one let's go can you keep your nose right between your thumbs don't need your butt in the air keep it down noses between the thumbs find that spot stare at it you'll find yourself pulling your belly button up and into your spine keep that there let's go good job 15 seconds come on 14 keep that nose right there we're almost there you've got it seven six five come on three two one rest tile it off one more round there's that breath you needed right there come that for a little kickboxing after this so you've got something to look forward to to one let's go come on modify for a second if you need to and pull the hips up and then pull it back down let's go twenty seconds and you're done with plank jacks whoo a quad or the calves are on fire anyone else oh here we go ten seconds nine eight let's go together five four three two one walk it back into your hands Oh beautiful job we're moving on to sidekicks one jumping jack let's go to the left first put the weight here you've got one – jumping jack one – jumping jack okay ready let's go to the left first here we go one two jumping jack to the side one two and then when you get that speed it up now I want you to be leaning into this back leg here okay so don't be kicking and letting yourself float stay here pop pop jumping jack here jumping jack okay keep yourself grounded over that stationary leg 15 seconds come on whoa a lot more fun than switch jumps right nine eight seven let's go to one brief kind of shakes the legs out a little bit too stay with me on the breath all right ready round two let's go and if you're modifying just reach up in between and then kick step it down kick step here reach just separate it with a reach okay that's it go up up come on 10 seconds can you give me a couple more nine eight five four three two one wrist now stay in here with the kicking motions we've got five but kicks and one forward kick looks like this five four three two one kick okay five and then just one forward kick five again put it down one forward kick ready let's go and I want you switching feet every time so the foot that you kick I want you to bring it up to your butt first when you start again 1 2 3 4 5 kick and start again there you go 15 seconds good job 5 2 1 rest good alright one more round to that one now it's kind of fun right now bad not bad alright here we go we got a little agility after this one round number two same thing here we go two one let's go five four three two one kick good job come on whoo removing today taking your bodyweight and giving me all you've got good ten more seconds here we go five four three two one yeah there we go okay agility we're going front-to-back on and off the mat okay what one foot on one foot off we're switching down down down we get to this end we're scooting to the back same thing okay and then hop it up okay two one let's go back edge of the mat pop it up turn edge of the matter good job good job 15 seconds that's it seven to one rest good okay keep your feet flat relax the cabs good job eight seconds we're going round two you doing okay last round three two one let's go the other way it doesn't have to look perfect you're just moving down shift in the back moving down again what I will say does that need you to move your arms okay we're getting the whole body working today ten seconds come on good job three two one marest beautiful work oh they're going for some travelling touchdowns okay touchdown as in touch the floor not football touchdown but we're going here together here together so three on the way down three on the way back okay two more let's go to the left down now move it back the other way beautiful and if you're modifying here just step it open step and open touching the floor and coming right back down okay we're all doing the same move touch come back together that's it all right give me 10 more seconds right here let's go three two one rest walk it out we're using your arms on the next exercise so last a little bit of legs for the last minute here there you go there's that breath for three only forty seconds here let's go good don't forget to drop your butt okay we're not just finding my butt's going down – okay little squat to get you down there good work breathe through it we've got 15 seconds I'm with you I feel it too we're gonna do a little boxing up next so finish strong eight seven that's it four three two one rest shake the legs out whoo I know you're burning we've got two upper cuts to cross jabs so spice and then a little fun here give me a soft vent stance here not a boxing class we're just punching our arms okay upper upper cross cross up up cross cross ready let's go up up cross cross good come up under cross it over light on my toes here so I'm got a little hip rotation kind of like under and over right good job over over let's go come on oh yeah up come on 10 seconds 10 9 that's it three two one rest feels good right again with the breathing you got to breathe with me good job good job again with the mat I know it's gonna happen all day but that's okay too one last round let's go up up cross cross try to lead with that opposite hand now might feel a little bit weird we're going to get both sides let's go up yes there we go see how my toes are tapping just a little bit keep them light up come on keep that strong this up up in out in out that's it ten seconds let's go come on all out six five four three two one rift whoo beautiful job we're going lunge with a knee drive and two hops okay so I want you to step to the top of your mat here we're going to step back lunge knee drive hop hop lunge hop hop okay three two one step it back go back up up and if you need to take the hop out just drive and step it back there you go hold that leg up for two hops and then step it right back down yes come on breathe through it come on 15 seconds yes that front leg is burning keep going whoa three two one wrist yeah I know how you feel I know exactly how you feeling right now you're doing great we're over halfway through this workout can you believe it okay other leg same thing two one let's go back pop pop there you go one two step it back if you're not ready for the hop drive it step it back okay good come on eight seven let's go come on three two one rest whoa all right let's have a seat together we're gonna go crab kick okay so we're coming out here lift the butt up off the floor here man here ready five seconds if you're modifying just go up and down and when you sit reach reach and then go up and down reach reach ready let's go if you can keep your butt up the whole time let's do it and what I like to do is find a spot right out in front of me here look at it so I'm not looking all over and rolling around right everything stays stable then I can move a little quicker if I'm staring at something right in front of me keeping my focus on my midline not shimmying side-to-side too much okay ten there you go four three two one and rest beautiful job we're gonna stay down here on the floor for this next round and then for one more exercise same thing are you ready come on up two one let's go good job breathe through it everything's moving you're holding strong and your core and you're breathing like a champion right now be obnoxious with it it helps I promise don't be afraid to do what you gotta do eight seven that's it four three two one amazing job you're staying right here on your butt we're gonna go back on our elbows open the legs out to the side and they're gonna tuck open tuck okay here we go five seconds thinking like a big X and then tuck it back in to one all right let's go open and if you can you don't need the elbows you can just open everything up into an ex back in if you need your elbows kick it up high sit up and tuck okay it's all about spreading the legs out using these adductors to bring them back in together and your lower abs of course good job 20 seconds come on seven six yes good job we got one more round I wasn't talking too much on that one I couldn't breathe and talk at the same time I know you understand you're here with me you get it okay round two you ready and let's go come on big open whatever you're doing you're going here kicking back down that's okay too you can go here and sit up that's okay too you can go all the way out and up that's okay to just do your best ten seconds you got it three two one come on up you're doing great grab water you got 20 seconds I'm gonna show you your next exercise for high knees or butt kicks okay one two three four one two three four and then just keep repeating that obviously alright here we go two one let's go one two three four up up up back back back modify power March 4 to kick for to up for to kick for – lets go great job come on 15 seconds that's it five that's it – one breast breathe beautiful job seven seconds one more round alright here we go – one let's go one two three four that's it kick kick kick then up up up come on 15 seconds that's it ten nine that's it four three two one rest twenty seconds I know how you feel we've got this keep your mind Mike right remember what I told you in the beginning you got to know you can do this whatever it looks like we're gonna keep working straight leg kick opposite arm reach taking your right leg we're gonna go left and right switching right here ready let's go ahead keep the leg straight now if you can hop let's go kind of like a rocket keep the leg straight though they're pulling your toe back to your face if you need to slow it down no hop just pull that core in as you lift and reach across okay I don't want you letting your leg go and then trying to pull it back in okay good job 5 4 3 2 1 breathe we got two exercises after this one and then we're going to move into a little bit of agility and speed reactive work okay three two one last round go go if you can slow it down you're still bringing opposite arm opposite leg I know the hip flexors are burning they're getting stronger breathe come on seven-six come on four three two one huh we're going lateral cone hops okay you got two imaginary cones here in the middle you're stepping over both of them okay start together down here one two one two okay agility coming in hot ready two one let's go one two one two if you can leave that leg hanging then go right back over that's good let's do it fifteen seconds come on good job ten good job you right there five four three two one breathe good job shake your hips out good job one more round through we're gonna have a seat for our next exercise and then we're going to go reaction work out her reaction exercise last round let's go there you go if you need to modify step you're still driving those knees like you're stepping over that cone okay we got it over over over and back come on good job 12 11 go for it five four three two one have a seat good job all right glute bridge position and we're going one arm at a time feet are planted edge of your mat take one arm you're gonna look back at it lift swing it around look back at it you know that song bridge so we get around three two one let's go keep the arm straight when this one's straight you're kind of looking at where to go right there you go dig squeeze those glutes up come on fifteen seconds let's go you don't have to do high knees to get your heart rate up right I'd like to make your boot body move your booty move to in all directions then rest good so we're moving up and down we're standing we're seated cardio is taxing your cardio respiratory system so your heart and your lungs working hard you can attest to the fact that they're working hard right now right one way around ready two one let's go look back at it and bridge it up take the heels down this is getting your posterior chain stronger hamstrings glutes lower back you've been working your shoulders your triceps you got 15 seconds come on five four three two one and rest all right you're gonna listen for me to say stop on this next one okay you've got I don't move you're going jog in place when I say stop you're gonna go pop squat come back up resume okay so listen for me to say stop let's start your idle jogging here we go jog around make it fun stop and you're going all the way down into a squat you're coming to right back up stop okay drop in the butt not just the chest stop there you go just keep it moving this is agility this is reaction this is speed hand stop now speed it up a little bit more 15 seconds stop as soon as you do it come right back in stop and rest good one more round to that okay so you're just looking for me to say stop we're getting agile we're going up and down and then we're dropping down okay last round I need you to speed it up a little more ready let's go quick your feet pop-pop-pop-pop finstock let's go both hands this time stop come back up quickly stop stop stop come on stop come on five four faster three two one rest through next exercise bud kicks every time I say stop horse amping it up a little bit you're going plank jack so you're going down hop it back plank Jack come back up and then butt kicks so let's get into your butt kicks here five seconds and we'll go together to one let's go and face this way every time I say stop you're going down plank Jack times one can come back up butt kicks stop and your goal here is to move in all the different directions stop quickly no matter what it looks like you're working hard stop pull the heel to the glute come on that's it stop good job five four three two stop Oh almost there rest fifteen seconds never resting again breathe same thing but kicks stop into a plank jack ready two one let's go stop no matter what it looks like you're going down feet are opening and they're closing you're coming back up stop and stop here we go come on 15 seconds left in this one you can make it that's it we're going ten nine seven six five three to stop an arrest okay water really quick going on to the next one side shuffle two squats okay so we're moving right in here one two one two if I say stop stop where you are one two and then move again ready let's go stop and then back into it stop good job come back into it the quicker you get back into the move the less difficult it's gonna be to just keep going stop there we go 15 seconds left in this one you're doing great stop nine eight stop three two one wrist great job when we rounded that one this is exercise 22 out of 25 that's how close we are okay side shuffles again same thing 20 seconds of rest after this 2 1 let's go just move just move and be ready stop what else a quick one huh stop he's come right back into it you're moving I'm gonna frontal plane here when I say stop stop sagittal plane here okay so multiplanar that's my my mojo for agility and speed stop there you go keep it moving three two one breath all right toe taps and then we're going to left hop right hop so we're gonna stay in the middle for this one you're tapping the front of your mat right here boom boom boom boom when I say stop you're gonna bring your feet together pop right left and then start again okay two one let's go start with your toe taps you're staying right here I'm gonna say stop you're gonna hop to the left hop to the right back to the middle stop over over middle same thing for this whole round stop stop there you go 15 seconds stop keep those soft knees let's go for three to stop and rest good one more round to that when those not bad right I want you this round to go toe taps and then you're going right left middle okay so we're going to the right first on this round two one let's go get those toe taps a little quicker okay stop good job you're doing great stop come on we're right there sup give me those powerful feet come on stop come on you're strong you've got seven six we're gonna go one more in three two stop but rest okay wide feet this time we're gonna go wide feet closed hands okay you're gonna switch so we're gonna close your feet open your hands middle here okay this is your idol when I say stop you've got ten punches okay let's start with feet wide hands together pop together and open right here so when your feet are closed your arms are open I say stop you give me ten punches really fast and suck one two three four five six seven eight nine ten back to it stop [Applause] stop 10 come on come on stop 10 punches and rest good one way around so whatever your feet are doing your hands are doing the opposite okay they're apart hands are together your feet are together hands are apart okay last round to that one two one let's go we're gonna get some more punching in here and stop it stop there you go come back in after your tin it's up good job let's go let's go ten seconds five four three stop to one last good job grab some water your last one is gonna be quick feet turn Burpee okay so your quick feet we're facing forward when I say stop you're gonna turn do a burpee come back up to the middle facing forward again okay here we go three two one let's get the feet moving quick first round we're going over to the right side for your Burpee ready and stop come back up quick feet again next round we're going to the left for your Burpee quick feet come on come on stop back over to the right and stop come on back in quickly stop quicker feet come on 7:6 stop to one rest same thing one more round and that's it we're cooling down this is it right here no surprises eight seconds to get your mind right I want you to go belly to the floor okay get your quick feet going to one let's go belly to the floor on this one we're going to start on the left side three two one Burpee let's go back up and stop other side all the way down and stop come on this is the last bit of work you've got work it out stop come on two more let's go and stop come back up quick feet last Burpee in three two one let me get down come back up and you've made it okay I want you to have a seat first things first let's stretch out your legs okay don't skip out on this this is built into your workout because I need you to feel okay tomorrow all right whoo big deep breath first feet are out the outer edges of your mat you're going over to the left leg reaching around pull your chest down then breathe guys you've earned this post-workout stretch take advantage you're gonna feel so much better tomorrow than if you skip the cooldown come on over to the other side stretch stretch stretch that hamstring keep breathing with me too okay come back up into the middle for me spread your feet just a bit wider hands in front of your thighs walk them out walk them out walk them out as far as you can there you go whatever your flexibility level I want you to feel that stretch if you're seated upright in your stretching and you feel the stretch that's cool too just hold it there don't release if it's tight just hold and breathe and slowly walk it back up to a seated position I want you to lay back onto your back grab on to your right leg for me straighten it out and then let's pull it back I want to really stretch these hamstrings today great job and switch it over for me really cool it down here I want you to breathe deep as you feel your breath slow down you feel the sweat fall know that you've earned that take pride in this pool down to this is you doing the best for your body right here I really do mean that this cool down stretch mobility stretching it's really you showing your body the respect it needs for all that it does for you release your leg and let's flip over onto your stomach okay make your way over and as you get there once you first come up onto your elbows big deep breath in fill your lungs all the way up let it out one more time fill your lungs all the way up let it out we can bring your hands under your shoulders press it up keep your feet kind of close here sometimes I'll tell you to take them really wide but I want you to keep your toes on the floor for this one really feel that lower back flexion okay a lot of times our lower back gets so tight where we kind of sit rounded spine so often right big deep breath in pull your tailbone up and then sit it back over your calves reach your fingertips out as far as you can to feel big stretch and your shoulders and your ribs come up into a tabletop position so on your hands and knees okay I want you to let your knees come in together hands are out nice and wide I want you to let your hips fall over to the side and then switch him back over just enough so you can feel the stretch right here and your oblique and in your glutes okay right around those hip bones is where I want you to feel it switch it back over and I want you to keep respecting your body this week for doing all that it does for you okay not punishing it for what you think it looks like right now but respecting it for what it does for you it's a very different relationship okay come back into the middle tuck your toes down place your hands on your mat as you push your hips up into the sky and walk it back in I want you to work on that relationship with your body grab on to your elbows relax your head and just let your neck hang let your spine decompress bend your knees just a little bit one vertebrae at a time I want you to roll it up until you're standing straight up okay come back into the middle big deep breath in as you exhale reach up bring your hands back into the center think about what I just said respect your body for what it does instead of punishing it for what it doesn't look like okay drop your hands again big deep breath in we're gonna let it fall you've got to have this relationship with your body so it can perform so it can recover and so it can function in a way that is sustainable and that is a lifelong journey for you okay I don't want you to punish in your body for you eating too much one day or more than what you think you should have or for it not looking the way that you want it to respect your body it does a lot for you okay respect it for how it does the work on the workouts for how it carries you throughout the day for how it helps you pick things up for how it helps you move through the day and your job whatever it is respect your body and I think in that way when you want to think about your body is something you respect instead of something you punish until it looks like what you want it to look like it will react better for you it will say hey thank you for respecting me enough to eat the foods that I know I need to eat and to function as far as working out moving throughout the day stretching recovering don't punish it for what it doesn't look like respect it for what it does for you and for carrying you on this journey to get to your goals okay so thank you for being here today and I want you to keep that in mind respecting your body alright comment below if you will respect your body this week and how you're gonna do that to yourself it looks different for everyone maybe you respect yourself enough to eat the things that you know you need to maybe respect your yourself enough to know that you're not hydrating enough so you're gonna drink more water you're gonna get to sleep earlier you're gonna wake up do your workout you're going to stretch stretch stretch stretch and you're going to recover on that rest day during the week weird as hard as you can and telling your body thank you by stretching eating refueling hydrating and sleeping okay so I love you guys I want you to love yourself as well and I will see you back here tomorrow if you finish the workout with me make sure you give it a big thumbs up and subscribe to the channel so we can keep growing share the channel with a friend as well on your social media and also turn on your Bell notification I'll let you know as soon as your workout is up for tomorrow see you guys

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Methew Wade

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  10. Loved this one Sydney! The variety was awesome ! The ones like this are my favorite!! Crushed it . Thank you!

  11. That was an amazing quote that I will carry with me forever now. “Respect your body for what it does, instead of punishing it for what it doesn’t look like.” You don’t know how much I appreciate and value your inspirational speeches at the end of these workouts. You’re amazing!

  12. This was insane!! Seriously did not want to work out for an hour….but I DID!!! Hard, but fun and went by fast!

  13. I took 3 days off this weekend and I'm paying for it now. This workout was rough for me but I crushed it!! Thank you!!😊

  14. After I finished my workout i got sick, but I didn't stop. I finish the entire workout. Thank You! for the good motivation all the time Sydney.

  15. I started this workout saying… “I’ll probably just do 30mins…I won’t be able to finish” and guess what…. I CRUSHED IT! I totally doubted myself. With your motivating words I pushed myself. I thank you!

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