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44 thoughts on “5 Tibetan Rites Exercises”

  1. I really like the 5 rites, and see a difference. This is a wonderful video. In his book "Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth" Peter Kelder states that "The sixth rite is only for those who feel sexually complete…"" He further states, "It is absolutely impossible for a person who has lost sexual urge to perform this rite… it would only lead to discouragement and more harm than good." Can you clarify this please!

  2. I am 64 with torn rotator cuffs in each shoulder from users of weight lifting. I'm not remotely flexible, either. My doctor says to avoid moves like downward dog and planks, mainly anything that puts undue pressure on the shoulders.
    Has anyone had experience with a similar situation? I can do without surgery with the state my shoulders are in now but I am concerned about making them worse.
    Any comments/suggestions for me about starting the 5 rites on my condition?
    Thank you! Namaste.

  3. Wonderful and dedicated explanation. I am 61. Also BP patient. But I am interested in yoga. Can I do all these yoga rites.

  4. Pokud přidáváme do cvičení prvky jakéhokoli náboženství (sepnuté ruce, dotýkání se hlavou země), anebo jakékoli prvky cvičení navíc (protahování, výdechy mimo cviky), potom implementujeme do tohoto jinak osvěžujícího cvičení prvky náboženství, které tam ve skutečnosti nepatří. Cvičení není potom naprosto čisté a plnohodnotné. Stejně tak s hudbou, která provází cvičení . Doporučuje se nejméně "zavádějící " a umělé melodie. Jako vhodné se doručuje například šum moře, letní louka..a jiné zvuky "přirozené Země". Malé změny, ale bude to jistě pocitově poznat. Přeji příjemné cvičení 🙂

  5. All the five exercises are being performed by young trainers/instructors who must have spent years practicing them, so can the elderly men and women take up such health benefits exercises? Can you advice us?

  6. would one be benefitted after completting 21 repeatation or start to get benefit from the beggining? regard

  7. June of next year will be four years of doing the 5 rite every morning, missing only about four days, this is the best video of the technique by far. Thank you, thank you thank you. Metta to all, may all beings be happy.

  8. Really great! Only on nr 5 it really feels wrong to breath in going buttocs up. Besides, this is downward facing dog in Hatha yoga and the breath is always the other way round: breath out going bottocs up, and logically here breath in going bottocs down. Neverthless, in kriya Yoga there is a mention of "offering the inhale on the exhale"… Confusing. Can someone bring light to this? Thank you, Namasté

  9. Pelvic part of my hip having an odd pain while doing the 5 rite… Anyone having same kinda pain and I wanna know that is it normal/regular or only for me… I'm doing these 5 rites for the 3rd week. Still I'm having the same pain. Pls pls help me…

  10. Hi. Thank you for a very good video. The only question I have is when building up repetitions, so week 1 you do the rites 3 times, so does that mean each exercise which is 21 reps, so you multiple that by 3? Clarification would be great

  11. Perfect. and precious opportunity. The book was available years ago i do so wish that I had followed the Five Rites Now too late.

  12. I used to do these then, stopped at @ age 30. At 56, It's the breathing that I have a little trouble with. In my weightlifting and martial arts experience, except for some Taoist reverse breathing practices, you exhale, not inhale, whenever you exert the body/limbs away from the floor or in the case of arms and legs when going out away from the body; and inhale upon their return i.e. you do not inhale on a push up away from the floor, but rather on the way down, you exhale when lifting a weight either away from or towards the body and inhale as you return the weight to it's resting position. Time will tell. My bad for not sticking with this routine. Well done though.

  13. Ηi! Can these excercise help my uterus to get pregnant? Actually I can get pregnant only throught IVF, because I dont have tubes anymore… I got twice pregnant throught IVE, but I lost the my first baby at 13 weeks and at the 2nd time my first beta was too high but after that I bleed…. Thank you so much…..

  14. A clear and well-paced set of instructions. A really suitable companion to Peter Kelder's book which I have recently acquired. Many thanks.

  15. Olen harjoittanut ja opettanut 5-riittiä, yli 20 vuotta. Ainoa kunto-ohjelma vain oma kroppasi, ei lisälaitteita. Kiinteyttää sisäelimistä pinta lihaksiin asti. Opetan edelleen

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