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Methew Wade

48 thoughts on “5 Diet and Nutrition tips”

  1. @Merectron
    Diabetes UK recommends "at least 5 to 9 servings of fruit". The fibre in fruit causes it to have lower glycemic index. Only by reducing fat intake, insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes can be reversed (read Dr.Neal Banard's Program for Reversing Diabetes).

  2. @Sweetumz214 I felt what you really feel now, sis. I also did a lot of diet method but it seems that it just didn't work out. But I found this site that really was amazing. I am now in 127lbs. I lost 63lbs in just 2weeks. The site name is WeightLossAction.Info..
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  3. Very Good Tips to relieve the Excess weight.I will try my Best to this Exercise as I believe it has excellent Chances of loosing sone of my Excess weight..Thank You Dr. Lisa Hark for your very good tips to loose to follow your basic & easy advice.–LEON.

  4. Hi hi! Have you ever tried intellectus 424 diet (do a google search)? Ive heard some great things about it and my cousin lost crazy amounts of weight with it

  5. Great tips! Very impressed and very short.

    If you are just getting in to exercising, check this helpful small community dedicated to keeping you excited about working out. Run4Purpose with the dot com

  6. @wondergirlsy I agree with you! Her tip is great and should be followed! Moderation is the key, as long as you eat sweets and carbs in moderation there is no reason why you still can't lose weight and enjoy yourself during the process!

  7. Great advice. Diet and nutrition are VERY important factors in maintaining overall health.


  8. My favorite is number 2 🙂

    I always say that I prefer to eat my calories than drink my calories. My only exception is my breakfast smoothie. But I stay away from soda, coffee, and alcohol and all those other popular drinks

  9. 1-Exercise is good but isn't always a contributer to weight loss
    2-Agree dont drink sweet drinks. However low fat milk is high in Sugar
    3-Fruit spikes blood sugar levels and is chemically ripend
    4-Fat is essential for every cell in your body
    5-Agree with your alcohol comment

  10. I agree with Dr Hark.. eat properly and excerise always…..no matter how hectic ur schedules are but u must make time for ur body and take care of it and u will cherish better life with better body as well good for ur mentality too….

  11. I love the simplicity of your tips! I also have a lot of videos on this subject, but love hearing what others have to say. I will now go look at more of your videos!

  12. how long should the three times of exercise last each?
    any recommendations on exercise that i can do at home?

  13. i lost some weight from my job working at a hospital and eating healthy and less! or try the 6 small meals a day like a healthy snack! Eat less and exercise more is the way to go!

  14. Kellina84, congratulations! You sound very determined!

    My advice is don't listen to Lisa's advice. To paraphrase Caroline Bingley from Pride and Prejudice, "She doesn't know anything, out of the common way."

    Eating fat does not make you fat. It was not a survival advantage for animal fats to become triglycerides (body fat) for our hunter gatherer ancestors. Grass fed, organic animal fats are very healthy.

    I recommend Eat Fat, Get Thin by Barry Groves, PhD.

    The best of health to you 🙂

  15. @PeaceLuva882 Get rid of the cereal, yogurt, and the granola bar. CARBS is what makes US FAT. CARBS. Decrease your carb intake. It's that simple. WEIGHT LOSS is NOT HARD, you just got to be pointed in the right path and gotta know or learn how these things work.

  16. If you like check for more info about Strip that fat visit here on more of my opinion about the site. Also little tips that have help me and maybe it can help you.

  17. Hi, I need help on Tip # 4 … what do you advice for the people who prefer to be vegetarian ? what is better ? rice, bean, whole grain meal, more vegetables, lentils … or anything else ?

  18. @kellina84 Sorry, we can't give any medical advice, but we do suggest that you consult with your physician or other health care professional.

  19. These tips are great. I definitely need to work on refining them in my diet though. I have completely cut out sweetened drinks and alcohol, those have sooo many calories that was the first thing I did. I like crystal light if I want something sweet to drink instead of just water. As for meat, I love tuna sandwiches! I am already losing weight but just following tips likes these. I am vloggin weekly on youtube too, check out my channel, I have already lost some weight!

  20. #3 – 3 fruit and 3 veg is really short of the mark and followed by #4 "ple~nty of fish and shellfish" is just the wrong message. Raw veg especially leafy greens should make up the vast majority of your diet. I suggest to eliminate processed foods , dairy and grains for a good foundation to your diet and normalizing your weight.

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