as you guys know when I was nine years old I spent a year on chemotherapy and had an amputation due to cancer which I like to think is me sort of a leg up on understanding some of the problems in the current US healthcare system sorry that was a terrible pun can we pretend it never happened in the spirit of this week I'd like to see how thankful I am to the amazing Children's Hospital and nurses and doctors who saved my life but today's health care professionals and hospitals are working within an insanely problematic system as you've probably been hearing a lot about recently so in this video I'm gonna drop some very really facts about our health care system and why our medical spending is so high for example in the United States the average cost of a hip replacement is forty thousand three hundred and sixty-four dollars the same operation in Spain cost an average of seven thousand three hundred and seventy one dollars in other words I could literally fly to Spain get my hip replaced live in Madrid for two years learn Spanish run with the Bulls get trampled by the Bulls get my hip replaced again and fly home all for less than the cost of a single hip replacement in the United States that's crazy but true as another example of investigation by the New York Times found that hospitals were charging patients as much as five hundred and forty six dollars for saline solution also known as salt water which as you might have heard is what the entire ocean is made out of granted you probably don't want dirty ocean water pumped directly into your veins but the average cost of a liter of purified saline solution in hospitals in Paris France is just four dollars and 73 cents four dollars plus in many cases doctors and hospitals receive more money if they order more tests so sometimes the incentive structure can be problematic in fact a recent study found that the u.s. wastes an average of 6.8 billion dollars a year on unnecessary medical tests that's enough money to buy a space shuttle for you and three of your friend or maybe one TARDIS but I'm not really sure what they're going for on eBay these days but in fairness to doctors and I'm talking about MDS here not the doctor one reason that they order so many unnecessary tests is because we live in a lawsuit obsessed society and so doctors need to cover all the bases to protect themselves from malpractice suits in fact a PricewaterhouseCoopers study found that 10% of all medical spending in the United States is a direct result of malpractice suits mostly again in the form of unnecessary tests like excessive orders for MRIs cat-scans etc and finally the free market is based on the consumers ability to compare and shop prices but we don't have that ability when it comes to our medical care and that's a problem because investigations by the New York Times and others have found that prices for the same procedure in the same city in the United States can cost to three sometimes as much as fifteen times as much for the same procedure in the same city depending on which doctor a hospital you go to but see there's no public source of information to help you make that decision and so typically you refer to one doctor one Hospital for your procedure and if you think about it that's kind of crazy that would be like if you went on Netflix and you search for samuel l.jackson movies but netflix in its search results didn't show you any of the movies where samuel l.jackson plays a bad mother by the way you probably assumed I just swore let's rewind and listen to what I actually said so the actor plays a bad asthma mother sufferer but seriously if Netflix didn't tell you about any of the movies where Samuel Jackson plays the badass that would eliminate all of his movies except for this one movie did in 2009 called mother and child but as crazy as that is that's exactly how our healthcare system works in the same way that websites like Priceline and kayak allow you to compare prices for airline tickets and hotels there should be a public website that allows you to compare prices for the same medical procedure in your area okay so what can you do about these problems well you've already done the most important thing by watching this video which is to become a better informed citizen you can become even more informed by subscribing to our time org an organization that gets young people connected with political issues that directly fact their lives sync to their channel in the underbar and most importantly you can vote if you're not old enough to vote yet just use a fake ID just kidding McLovin I don't encourage voter fraud but seriously wouldn't it be a great day in America if young people were trying to get fake IDs not because they wanted to get wasted but because they were so desperate to participate in democracy in other words if underage drinking was less common and less of a problem than underaged voting please subscribe for a new video for me every Tuesday

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Methew Wade

35 thoughts on “4 Shocking Facts about US Healthcare”

  1. Yeah my parents can't get health care here, so when they go to Mexico they always go to the dentist, get their physicals done and whatnot just because in Mexico it's way cheaper

  2. Speaking of unnecessary tests, I broke my foot one time. They did an extra on me and told me where it was broke. Then they come in and say I need to take a pregnancy test. I argued with them why do I need a pregnancy test that’s just stupid. They said we can’t give you any pain meds unless we do a pregnancy test. I said if you even thought I was pregnant, you wouldn’t have gave me an X-ray. They said well we need to. So, I give in and do it cause I was in a lot of pain. Then they still never have me any pain meds. They did however come in and jerk my foot up into one of those plaster foot molds. OMG it hurt SO much. Then the doctor came in and and I told her what happened. She said, and I quote, “ I told them to give you meds. Oh well” then shrugs and walked out.

  3. Thank you for making this video and glad you're alive. Sorry to say this, American Healthcare is horrible.

  4. When I was skiing a few years ago in Austria I saw a one-legged guy ski on a single ski.

    He was epic. So, it's possible to ski one-legged. And ski really, really well.

    And yeah, something healthcare something…

  5. I got sick (had a severe allergic reaction) while on vacation in France. I had to see two different doctors both of which were free and my perception after care was a little over 5 dollars. One doctor even gave me some (meds) for free. The same allergic reaction in the US is well over 2,000 dollars. How do I know this? Let's just say last year was a bad year for having allergic reactions and having to use my epipen.

  6. this is absolutely the best comparison of anything to anything ever in the history of the everything.

  7. "unnecessary tests" kind of sounds like "negative results." I hope I'm just misunderstanding what they used for the data

  8. I had my tonsils and adenoids removed a few months ago and my surgeon works at two different hospitals, so I went the other hospital he operates at in another county that was about half the cost. It's crazy how not only just the doctor can be different prices but just the hospital you go to.

  9. Te best part is that if you are a Spanish citizen, the operations is free. Because we pay taxes in order to make it so. Health is a right not a privilege.

  10. hey, I'm student at SJHS. So I'm wondering about "should all American have the right to healthcare? Tell me why?( you in pro side not con side because I want pro for my research paper.)

  11. I heard that The State of Hawaii has an almost free Health care system for Hawaiian Residents..

  12. the REAL problem are the demanding spoiled assed patients request for on-demand and butler slave services! eric rn bsn

  13. The problem is a for profit system.

    Want to know why the Spanish system is so cheap? Prices are dictated by the budget. In short the state gives the hospitals a basic budget to perform a procedure in based on wage for staff, material costs and space. Most of the European countries work this way where instead of doing one hip surgery and calling it a week a doctor does 12 of them to make a living. The cost is kept low for the patient and the doctor gets their money.

    So instead of hospitals making money on keeping patients they LOSE money by keeping patients. Tests that can't be justified also aren't reimbursed by insurance so the hospital again loses money. Which isn't a perfect system either because you get the assembly line effect where people are shoved through the system and not always checked to the maximum. However 100 people helped for the price of 1 is still better than 99 people out on the street who can't afford the procedure.

  14. great video….have you ever heard about member sharing? I found an organization where members pay medical costs of other members….and they say it is approved by the ACA law. One is LibertyHealthIndiana dotcom (it's good anywhere…but the rep is in Indiana)….but individuals pay $199 monthly with a $500 annual deductible, and families are $449 monthly with an annual deductible of $1,500. Then the organization pays 100% or eligible medical costs up to one million dollars per medical event. It's an amazing alternative…and members are not subject to the penalty.

  15. I was on a trip to china a year back, got sick, had a high fever, spent a night at a hospital on IV drips and only costs 97RMB which is about $15

  16. Sorry but it is FALSE. In Spain is free for the patient if you were born in Spain also if you pay EACH month to the sanity system (seguridad social). 7000 euros is the price of the protesis ITSELF without doctor-nurses salary and the operating room. A foreing can't get this kind of surgery if they are not contribute in our country. Get your fact right. AND NO we don't dress mexican hats… An angry Spanish doctor

  17. America is still a very reactionary country, our system is to to benefit the rich. A free healthcare is mostly benefit the poor because the rich already can afford private insurance, thus they do not want a free healthcare for the poor because "taxes are evil".

  18. Does it really work like that? 

    You can just go to Spain and get a hip replacement even though you're not a citizen of Spain? I'd think that in Spain, the people who live there may have to pay that but if you fly over from the US to use Spain's healthcare system, I don't really know, obviously, but wouldn't you have to pay more since you aren't a citizen in that country or whatever? 

    I know that Americans can't come up to Canada and expect to pay nothing for surgery. At least that's what I've heard since some Americans have come up here before to try it out but it didn't work in their favour, they had to pay a good amount of money just like they would in the US. 

  19. And if you live in England and are a English citizen you don't have to pay ANYTHING for a hip replacement because we have free healthcare (;

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