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27 thoughts on “38 Ways To Improve Your Emotional Health”

  1. There s only one specialist in south america who can do that thing u highly suggest. I ll do it asap 🙂

  2. Thank you Corey
    Can't negative people! I love being around positive successful people! Unfortunately I have some negative people in my family and it's hasn't held me back" but it has held me back trying to care for and be there for my family without feeling selfish!

  3. My thing is that I'm a Sagittarius and I happen to be optimistic and positive. It's when I have to encounter those negative pessimistic miserable beings, and then they get agitated by my cheerfulness and positive attitude towards life despite my circumstances; which really aren't all that bad! I have much to be grateful for. I guess that's just how they are no matter what!

  4. How on earth is anyone supposed to remember all these "you should do this, you shouldn´t do that" "Don´t be a this….Don´t be a that…..always do this…. never do that "etc etc. that will fuck up your brain so much, that you´re gonna mess up big time, when the moment comes, or ? I can´t see that somehow. What does this mean ? Well, it means, get out more, stay in shape, have a good job, be happy in what you do….and the rest will sort out it self, if not, then it´s going to be tough for you….that´s how I see it anyway. You can get better at what you do, but you can´t change who you are, you´re a product of your experience, upbringing, past relationships, social life a.s.o., ….what do YOU think ?

  5. Hi Corey, I think I'm a little confused. You suggest to look for the positive in everything and yet you should feel your emotions as they come. Are these points not contacting each other? I do agree with each other them too. I am doublethinking.

  6. Chiropractors are a waste of time and money from my experience. All your other points are spot on. It's about being a well-rounded person and enjoying yourself.

  7. I had a career in radio sales, until recently. When going thru my divorce 11 Yrs ago my therapist ( in one session) said she consumed NO mass media… TV, radio, newspaper, magazines…..I didn’t get it at the time. Having delved into Deepak and other spiritual work and listening to this video… I know get it. I had usually tuned to NPR as I figured they attempted a more balanced presentation (not true). When I listened for 5 minutes last week I was immediately bummed out. Not going back. No mass media for me. Took ten years to get it and having you reinforce it today is nice validation.

  8. Not sure about 'Confused As'… but Tsun Tsu in his book 'The Art of War' is reputed to have said, "those who fail to plan, plan to fail…" Appreciate your videos and advice to our brothers and sisters everywhere. Thanks Corey.

  9. Dear coach, I'm currently 29, I have gone through break uo recently and I feel kinda old. I'm afraid of the future. How to overcome this? :/

  10. Thank you sir. I came upon your videos in a hard time and I just bought your book. I’m gonna tell my friends to come here!! Best wishes!

  11. One of the best videos, I feel like everything you teach starts here. Keep up the great work, Coach Corey!

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