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Laureus I’m going to show you guys three exercises that I like to do for width so this machine here targeted mainly the
latissimus dorsi so if you picture in your lats your lats is actually attached
to your humerus bone so instead of doing a wide grip pull down I feel like you’re
benefiting a lot more from your lats by doing a seated pull over that’s the
reason why Dorian had massive lats and this is one of the main exercises that
I’d actually build my labs so let me show you guys how it’s done it’s gonna
push this down here and I’m gonna grab the bar as close as possible by letting
my elbows rest right here in the pads and squeeze all the way down as I go down I contract my lats and I’m
getting a full range of motion I’m lengthening my lats all the way back
you see it pops here so I squeeze all the way down you’re contracting my lats
so picturing yourself doing a front lat spread or a front double bicep so you’re
gonna see your serratus anterior muscle is actually flaring a lot more because
you get a great development from doing this type of exercises the t-bar role by far is my favorite
back exercise there’s days that I come in here for a back day I would just only
T bar row for the entire hour so it’s an overall back development and targeted
your latissimus it targeted your erectors it targeted your lower back
which is the quadratus lumborum those muscles are the Christmas tree so it
depends on the length the length of your arms how and the straight angle that you
are is targeting exactly where you need it to hit so it’s just demonstrate a
couple ways of doing it so spread my legs as wide as possible
lean forward keep my head up lift the bar and I’m
going to go as low as possible by lengthening my extremities and squeeze
my lats all the way up and squeeze my arm all the way up to contract the lats the next one is the way that basically
what a lot of you will do it is both of your feet probably like a shoulder width
and slightly lean back and lengthening the extremities and squeeze your abdomen I feel both some time I feel like I can
do a lot more weight with with narrow foot like I’m talking about shoulder width or the
other way I feel like there’s a lot more tension towards my lats because my feet
is so wide that it takes away all the other tension from the leg so basically
I’m only engaging my lats and my arm all right so this exercise is basically
a regular bent over the bent over row is very very good for thickness of the
back and I always incorporate that on my routine since I have longer arms my grip isn’t
too wide so I don’t want to go that right out because I feel like they
actually take away a lot from my back all right guys please give these
exercises a shot on your next back day be sure to subscribe

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Methew Wade

22 thoughts on “3 Exercises to Help You Build a Wider Back w/ Steve Laureus”

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  2. Good video! T-bar row is a regular exercise I incorporate into my back routine and I've utilized the pullover machine here and there. Currently in my routine what I'm working on is trying to do more pull ups in one set. I have done the typical straight sets of pull ups for a specific rep range but what I'm working on now is at the end of a back workout do as many as I can in 1 set and work to increase that number each week. I actually feel I can do more when doing that 1 single set at the end of my back workout. Train back twice per week so will probably do the single set of pull ups at the end of one of the two sessions. Or maybe do it twice per week at the end of both, we'll see.

  3. The back exercise i do are on the :-
    1)Lat pull down machine
    2)Cable row machine
    And I strongly believe that doing inclined crunches is also a very good back exercise.

  4. Amazing routine… I have a question about the machine pull over.. If the hand grip will reverse what will happen? It's work for chest?

  5. Great workout loved it ! Well Pullovers are great for front lats, T bar and Reverse Grip barbell row are great specially hitting for the Lower lats ! Loved his workout !

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