welcome to this 20 minute Qigong routine this one again is for more energy designed to give you that lightning flash of vitality that we all want to start our day or just anytime you want a little bit more energy and vitality this will be a great routine let's start by bending the knees we're going to do a movement called knocking on the door of life I'm going to turn from your hips and your waist relax your shoulders and just let your arms knock across your lower back and across your lower abdomen go ahead and take a nice deep breath these pressure points across the lower back and around the lower abdomen are designed for more energy now the movement of your spine helps to create suppleness and flow and flexibility through the spine again take a deep breath relax your shoulders keep those knees bent feel centered and balanced and enliven the spine with the movement you can just gently turn look over one shoulder and feel that stretching and opening your upper back now from here let's go into another pressure point just bring one hand just below the collarbone and knock on the chest these points are for your lungs designed to bring more energy into your body so take a deep breath these points are also good for your immune system make your body stronger like your Qigong flu shot keep you healthy and strong and vital one more acupressure point that we'll do in this exercise let's come up over the shoulder and knock on the top of the shoulder this one brings energy circulation and flow into the neck upper back and into the head this point here is said to help make good decisions because as the Chi opens from the neck and shoulders and goes to the head we have clearer energy in the mind for decision making good now come back down knock on the chest and the lower back a little turn look over the shoulder stretch the spine slow it down slow it down and relax goody now bring the hands up over the head take a deep breath and we'll exhale and come down into a movement called the tiger bend your knees here and come up inhale and just go as low as you can comfortably go as low as you can if you can sink all the way down that's great if not just come down as far as you can comfortably good inhale come up this will strengthen your legs open your hips and your waist bring energy and vitality up through the body here you're cleansing your internal organs and then you come down towards the Earth towards the ground inhale and feel here any energy you no longer need just bring it down to the earth and then take it up exhale old energy inhale new energy it's kind of a flushing and a cleansing exercise as well as a strength and an energy enhancer inhale through the nose exhale out through the mouth one more time take a deep breath and exhale very good all right next one let's do some Qi massage again stimulate acupressure points for more energy and vitality we're going to start here at the door of life and the kidney area go up and down your lower back up and down this area your adrenal glands are right here and your kidneys this is the door of life down to the tailbone stimulate those points now the meridians and the energy pathways go from the lower back down the outside of the leg so here with both hands simultaneously go down the outside of your legs and then come up the inside of the legs to your hips and your waist do that again slap down the outside of the legs come up the inside and then right here on your hips this knock on the hips this is called the leg gates it promotes good circulation through the legs and down to the feet and now up to the chest knock on your chest take a nice deep breath hold the breath at the top of the inhale hold and turn the breath into more energy then exhale do that again inhale hold the breath knock a little stronger turn that breath into energy exhale one more time now slap down the inside of the arm this is the flow of the meridians as they come down the inside and now up the outside to the neck and shoulder knock down the inside of the arm come up the outside of the arm knock there on the neck and shoulder area free up some tension come across to the other side and knock up the outside of the arm to the neck and shoulders this little knockin routine we're freeing up the flow of Chi turning tension back into flow back to the chest one more deep breath exhale all the way out hands down to the sides feel your energy open awake circulating and just start to shake it out shake your wrists and your elbows and your shoulders that's it and bounce into your heels a little bit just shake the whole body and this is going to transform stress any where you're holding tension or tightness in the body transforms it back into vital energy you have a tremendous amount of energy already inside yourself so we want to release it free it up and access your own inner potential so here take a deep breath through the nose we're going to exhale out through the mouth completely relax into that shaking anywhere you hold tension or tightness in your body free it up with the movement relax right through the back of the neck relax your hips and your waist relax the neck and shoulders one more deep breath this exercise transforms stress into vitality and we can feel it just stop do a little check and close your eyes notice the energy flow down your arms to your hands down the legs to the feet tingling buzzing electricity this is your Chi God now bring your hands in front of you arms around bend your knees and we'll go into some Qi Gong flowing movements this one tonify is your lungs inhale bring your hands up exhale and come down slow the breath down let it be full and deep if you want more energy one of the best places to start is with your breathing deepen the breath make it longer and slower exhale try having a little pause at the top of the inhale turn the breath into life force this one's called Buddha holding up the earth designed to calm the mind and recharge the body again now take one hand down and the other up and whatever hand is down you're going to lean to that side and stretch and open the ribs stretch the lateral side of the body take a deep breath here and then spiral in spiral in and then other side press the palms away from each other lean a little bit to the side whatever hand is down you're going to lean into that side press the palms away open the meridians through the ribcage take a deep breath and this upper hand bring it down you're going to spiral it in so your pinky finger faces towards you bend your knees now straighten the legs press the palms away from each other inhale and exhale stretch and a flow opening the yin and yang meridians of the body opening the ribcage and deepening the breath when you stretch the ribcage we can actually breathe deeper inhale expand lean stretch exhale come in I let it flow stretch and flow come back to your Center hands down to the sides take a nice deep breath and just feel that expansion through your chest and your ribcage go ahead and close your eyes notice how your body feels the next movement we dive into is called the fountain now this is going to open up your body into flow flowing movements in Qigong really activate the energy and the meridians okay here bring the back of your hands towards each other your hips glide back a little bit and then we're going to wave up through the spine and out through the arms hips glide back back at the hands towards each other tuck your tailbone under slightly and wave up through the spine it's like a wave rolling up through the spine and out through the arms I turn to the side hips glide back tuck the tailbone roll up through the spine out through the arms and feel this flow activating the energy in your body goes up the spine out through the arms feel it as a water like movement through the body tapping into your flow Qigong is often called the art of effortless power so feel that flow active in your body feel that water like fluidity moving up your spine and out through the arms inhale as you come up exhale out to the sides now just try to relax muscles in your body with that feel tight start to relax into your flow relax your upper back your neck and your shoulders inhale as you come up and exhale out and start to slow it down now feel the energy increase in the body soft and relaxed we use relaxation to create flow flow in the body and then relaxation in your minds take one more deep breath exhale out to the sides and then from the fountain we're going to expand the movement in to embrace the tiger return to the mountain so your hands are here you're going to go out to the sides and this is the fountain movement we roll up the spine and now push forward and then circulate all the way around okay so here go back with your hips tuck under with the tailbone roll up the spine push forward with the hands and circle around the breathing is exhale as you go out inhale as you roll up exhale forward and a nice deep breath all the way around exhale draw that flow and energy up the spine sink the chest to relax your heart center inhale and bring in power and energy to your Center embrace the tiger this is about harnessing internal energy confidence poise and power breathe it in breathe in your energy in your power let go of limitations and blockages and then return to the mountain harness your sense of self bring the energy and power to your Center calm and relax your mind Qigong is a wonderful combination of energy flow power and relaxation so let this movement now flow through your body one more time exhale out inhale up exhale nice deep breath back to the center now we're going to expand this one more stage let this flows unfold this one is the earth flow it's a little bit longer same opening movement arms go out roll up push forward and then this one your arms are out to the sides and you create a nice protective field of energy around your body spiral the arms behind you and sink to the earth sink down and scoop up the earth energy and then make a ball like a ball like this and then pick up this ball of energy and glide it through the body and this cleanses and clears any old energy transforms it into vitality float the arms up and down let's try it again from here glide your hips back a little wave-like quality up the spine push forward and field of protective energy around your body keeping you protected balanced and energized feel grounded as you sink down towards the Earth fingers expanded scooped up that earth energy and then make this healing ball of lights this energy ball here you can visualize it as golden light and then you're going to lift it and feel it cleanse clear awakened your body's internal energy down the legs to the floor inhale and exhale holding a ball expand your hips glide back fountain like movement up the spine push forward protected ball of energy around you spiral connect to the earth scoop up that earth energy and make a ball of light break up that ball of light cleanse clear any areas that you need extra healing or wellness infuse them with energy float up and ow hips glide back inhale as you come up push forward protective field of energy around you so that you don't take on other people's energy you stay strong centered and balanced in your own energy field connect to the earth scoop it up ball of healing light fuse every cell in your body with a little extra healing energy and power float the arms up and down one more time push forward healing energy around you connect to the earth scoop it up create a ball and infuse yourself with extra energy good now have your hands face towards each other and just bring the hands a little closer together a little further apart and feel your energy feel that electromagnetic energy that Chi radiating between your hands this creates that feeling of hands of lights healing hands sometimes in Qigong this is referred to as Buddha palm now bring your feet a little closer together hand under the abdomen and centering inhale bring that hand straight down the midline exhale and inhale and exhale take all that energy to your Center we create that nice harmony between body mind and spirit this one is a great way to just bring clarity to the mind and energy to your body centering mind heart center and body center in balance in alignment your thoughts your emotions and your body and harmony and balance do that one more time take a deep breath and then put both hands over your lower abdomen close your eyes and here just let your body rock and sway let yourself soak up that energy connect to your Center this is called bamboo in the wind just gently rock and sway rock and sway relax your legs relax your hips and your waist this one will unwind any tension or tightness in your body and bring you back to that place of being centered and balanced close the eyes gently rock and sway let your body rock and sway just however it's most comfortable unwind to your place of power to your Center take one more deep breath excellent and take that feeling with you into the rest of your day thanks for joining me

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42 thoughts on “20 Minute Morning Qi Gong Exercise by Lee Holden”

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