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Methew Wade

29 thoughts on “20 Hip Mobility Exercises – Hip Stretches”

  1. I really appreciate your videos! Clear, no-fluff progressions of well-thought out movement. Thank you!

  2. I'm glad I found this video because sometimes it's not about stretching but it's also about moving. How many reps would you recommend? 😊

  3. These are awesome thanks! I will definately try these. A question,
    Is this routine good for snapping hips or should I look at other exercises and stretches?

  4. I have chronic arthritis in my hips,. Ball and Socket as evidenced by X-Ray. I am 76 and do a daily Pilates practice. Any exercise routines that are proven to reduce pain discomfort? Hope you can help!

  5. Thank you. I have injured my lower back. But I can walk, even run. Heavy weight 500 to 950 pounds. Anyway I really appreciate variety of hip extensions. Thanks again!

  6. Hey Cori! I would like to ask you bc you’re educated in exercise science. Can you or can you not get rid of hip dips?? I never knew they were “a thing” until now. I’ve always been in pretty good shape and nice physique and through yrs of training I always thought its bc I dont have wide hips at all none really but I do have a big butt , but looking at it from the back, the only bulk I have is maximus and medius is doing pretty well but my hip dips are deeeppp but there is no fat there , I basicaly just feel bone. I thought it was also bc Im 4’10. Please let me know what your opinion is. Also bc all these “exercises to fix them” Ive always done and it just makes them more prominent , not that thats bad but I want to make sure Im not missing somethin

  7. Ive been doing alot of walking ever since my bicycle was stolen one night from outside the strip club. Kind of a rough area. A hooker holding a 40 once beer bottle ran up on me and pushed me off the bike and took off on it. I got bicycle jacked. But anyway all the walking i did caused alot of tightness and some slight hip pain because i was not stretching but after stretching the hip pain went away.

  8. i dont get my middle split. my right hip is more flexible than left. i can't full buterfly strech because of my left hip and what i do? can i do middle split? tell me please…

  9. How often should I do these exercises?

    Do I need to warm up before doing these (if yes, what warm up would you recommend).

    Do you have a full body workout video program to strengthen glutes and core for beginners with really tight hips)

  10. Love love love this channel. Love how the exercises help with mobility, flexibility, and strength. So smart!

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