Squats are a very dynamic movement. It confuses
people a lot. What I want you to think of when you start this movement is you’re going
to sit in a chair. You want to think of lifting through the top of your head and you got an
imaginary chair behind you and you’re going to try to aim for that chair. Any lower body
exercise, we want to keep the knee in line with the ankle or behind the toe so we don’t
have that sheering force and loaded flex knee. Again, I want you to just kind of practice
once or twice here without any weight before you load anything. A lot of people need to
get their form down on a squat before they ever add weight. You’re still going to fatigue
it here. We’re going to push back like we’re sitting in that chair. You can use your arms.
If you leave them here, try not to press on your knee joint. Just leave them up here or
to the side. We’re going to think about weight in the heel as we push up. We got them about
hip-width apart. Some people, it bothers their knees if they got their feet in right underneath
their hips. If you need to come out a little bit, that’s good too. Just get it so you’re
not going to feel it in the knee joint because your primary mover here is going to be the
glutes in the back. Hamstrings, quads, everything else works as a unit coming back up, but when
we come down that primary mover is going to be the glutes. Again. We’re going to push
back in that chair, knees behind the toes. Come up. If you look at this from a lateral
view, you can see, boom, we got that line -knee, ankle. Pressing back in that chair,
and right here as we push that weight off in the heels, we’re going to feel it right
where we need to feel it. Then, once you got that form down, you want to load it. You’re
going to pick a weight. You’ve seen this done with a straight bar and a Smith Press. Simplest
thing to do is to grab a pair of hand weights. Big inhale, down, same kind of form. Exhale.
You want to leave your chest lifted. Some people will even try to look at the ceiling.
The best thing to do is leave your neck in neutral position. Find that chair. Sit back,
leave the chest lifted. And again, boom. Press up, right through the heels. If we turn sideways,
same form. Push back, weight in heels, head, chest lifted. Squeeze, and leave the knees
nice and soft. That’ll get you some good glutes going on there, strengthen the glutes.

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Methew Wade

58 thoughts on “15 Fitness Exercises : Rotator Cuff Exercise Tips”

  1. im 27 and have been lifting weights for 7 years, my right cuff cracks alot and it feels a little weird not painful but diffrent. By doing these exercises do you think i can help it recover?

  2. yeah, I totally agree… I see people at the gym doing this, I gave up correcting people a long time ago, they'd look at me and roll their eyes… whatever.

  3. This is a terrible video for rotator cuff exercises. This lady is obviously not a physical therapist and should not be giving exercise advice on shoulder injuries.

  4. "Expert" Village? This video is misinformation — DO NOT follow her advice, look elsewhere. She does not know what she is talking about, I am sorry.

  5. At the beginning of the vid why can't you just use one movement, starting from the inside and working out, instead of two movements. Wouldn't cables be better for this exercise? The weight adds pressure down but cables add tension from the opposite side of the movement. Isn't that the objective? No?

  6. This person truly does not know what she is talking about. First off, for basic information, there is one rotator cuff per shoulder; not four! The techniques she demonstrates are not recommended for people with rotator cuff problems. Look elsewhere for advice if you are having shoulder problems.

  7. What I think she was trying to say was that each rotator cuff is comprised of 4 muscles. (teres minor, supraspinatous, infraspinatous, and subscapularis.)

    But yeah, I totally agree she is doing the exercise wrong 😛

  8. There are four muscles in the rotator cuff sweet heart not four rotators, also when you were side lying, performing elbow flexion with a pronated grip on the dumbell you are primarly working the coracobrachialis muscle, which is not one of the rotator coff muscles… thers more to point out here, but dont want to beat you up further ….sorry

  9. PLease do not follow the first exercise you need to have resistance coming from the opposite side, holding a dumbell puts no resistance in the rotator cuff, the pressure is facing to the floor. she does not know much but the money shes getting paid for false advertisement. someone should sue her if they get hurt

  10. @CARINOENTERTAINMET ya man, that first one she is doing is so bad for you…

    I always see people at the gym doing that, with like 30lb dumbells too….

    way to go in hurting yourself even more!

  11. I suggest you dont try this it will damage your shoulder. You need resistance coming from the opposite side of what your working on. I was a sports trainer for 20 yrs and doing what this paid trainer is doing is so wrong. I can help you increase your speed and condition your shoulder if you like just email me

  12. of course it feel better after 2 minutes ,just moving your arms up and down will make it feel better. It warms your muscles and also increases you synovial fluids to your rotator cuff. do it for 1 week and your be coming back crying youll see

  13. Only 1 of the 3 exercises she demonstrates is correct – the others are absolutely WRONG and this person is clearly either not a trainer or certainly shouldn't be a trainer. She has no fundamental understanding of biomechanics. Please take this video down.

  14. @pandmoanium you're right, its amazing to see how many people do this in the gym. its so obvious that it doesn't work the rotators, yet its still so popular. COME ON PEOPLE, JUST THINK ABOUT IT

  15. @pandmoanium what to do then constantpain medial to the deltoid well actuallty tol stiffness n pain when over head reachin or etc …… mostly feels in anterir part of shoulder any tips pro athletes

  16. @pandmoanium I know wat works too. I just recovered from RC injury. 4 long months of Rehab and i can finally work out again. man shoulder injuries are the worst because it takes forever to heal due to lack of blood flow in the shoulders. Its sad to see ppl working out in the gym without doing any rc exercise.

  17. dumb video, the woman doesn't understand how angles change the nature of the resistance, and the muscle groups involved. Actually, she doesn't seem to understand much of anything.

  18. I have seen two videos on youtube today from "Expertvillage" and both are quite bad. The one on this page, and one on self defense (Search block straight punch for maximum lulz) I make no judgments about the way a person looks speaks, or their gender; however when I see a person or company or whatever giving TERRIBLE advice it really bothers me. Stuff like this is certainly a big part of why there is so much confusion in athleticism.

  19. @pandmoanium Well, as a trainer myself, I have to agree. I like strengthening my rotator cuff while stabilizing my elbow up on a specific position and then engaging my shoulder and deltoid area with light weights and slow controlled reps.

    The problem with expert village, is that the experts are not the experts that experts consider as experts lol!

    Well, at least I know that there are other good trainers out there that want the best for their clients and see others as more than just income.

  20. @pandmoanium sir i have ligament tear in left shoulder since 2 yrs i came across in swimming. air will it b as ussual by this exercises. i became depressed due to this. thinking always abt surgery. and i m 24 and was very good pace bowler. please reply me.

  21. Okay expert village just lost ALOT of credibility from me. She is not competent at all. And the second exercise on her side is completely wrong!

  22. I'm not going to leave a mean comment, but I'm a certified trainer for over 10 years and I see a lot wrong with his video. I do not approve

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