today I got a bunch of Fitness drills that I want you to try but before we get into these drills I want to talk to you a little bit about fitness so a lot of us have these negative emotions these negative feelings around doing fitness but the truth is if you want to get fit you need to change the way that you look at doing Fitness if I always look at Fitness like something I don't want to do I hate this it's going to suck this is no fun why do we have to do this then you're never going to get better you're never going to get fitter because you're always looking at it negatively if you can learn to change the way you look at fitness start wanting to do Fitness enjoying fitness and that might seem crazy to you today but if you think about what you really want to achieve in this game if you want to become that player you've been talking about that player you've been dreaming about and this is something that you need to change you need to look at hard work positively you need to look at hard work like something you want to do and maybe if you don't want to do it you must understand it's something you have to do and that you're willing to do to get what you want at the end of the day ok so I want you to just take a look who is out here with me right now who the hell is out here I don't see anybody ok this is me this is me out here in a field with a friggin camera running laps doing sprints doing agility drills ok where is everyone I don't see anybody I'm here by myself ok so if you want to get better you want to get fitter you want to get these results you want to become that player that you want to be then you have to learn to put in that work by yourself when no one else is around you need to push yourself when no one else is around you don't need your friends to go to the field you don't need your teammates to run a practice ok if you want results you have to put in the work so change the way you look at fitness every day every time you get out to that field you're going to do at least a little bit of fitness now I'm going to show you a bunch of drills I'm not going to tell you do 10 repetitions or do 3 sets of this with 2 minutes of rest you need to take these drills and you need to challenge yourself so maybe the first day you just take one drill you take one drill and you do it one time if that pushes you that's good if it doesn't push you you need to do a bit more the next time you come out you might do two drills you might do three sets of those two drills okay it's about you looking at where you're at today what can I handle and pushing yourself past that point that you think you can handle okay if you want results you have to do what's hard if you do what's easy you're going to be the same player if you want to get better you want to get fitter then you have to do more you have to push yourself out of that comfort zone okay so that's enough talk let's get in these drills remember if you want to get better have Fitness change the way you look at it enjoy it realize that okay I want to be this player I have to put in this work it's going to make me better I want to get it done and if you just have that attitude that alone is going to make doing these sprints doing those fitness of stamina drills a lot easier so let's get into you you Oh so when you tired I don't want you to stop I want you to tell yourself I'm gonna go until I'm done don't stop when you're tired stop what you decided before say it again now last one always like to end with starting to rain now it's no excuse you get it in no excuses but the last one I always like to do is I'm going to get to that net I'm going to get back I'm going to go for that forward run then I'm going to track back on defense go all out don't say anything because now you're done okay put it in the work and you're going to become a better play let's go

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Methew Wade

23 thoughts on “10 Soccer Drills For Fitness | Soccer Fitness Drills & Motivation”

  1. Tbh, one of the things that got me running fit was tag and handball at school. For tag you got a lot of stamina and handball games got very intense and improves agility and reaction time

  2. Great words of motivation. I haven't played since I was a kid, but I can see myself working towards this for a hell of a cardio workout. Thanks.

  3. I want to do it, i am doing it.. but man do i dread the idea of work the next day before i start fitness training ( manual labor job .-.).

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