hey what is up Flav City family it's Bobby coming at you from Aldi for an awesome 2019 healthy haul because I figure after the holiday season we're all a little light in the wallet and we can use all the savings we can get so let's get inside all the to show you about ten of my favorite healthy items they have here four really good prices and a few items to stay away from and you gotta think any store that is cheap enough to make you put a quarter in the machine to get the basket out is gonna have probably the cheapest prices ever on groceries so let's get in there and rock this haul in a major way all right let's start this video with spices spices are a major buy here at Aldi because the price is unbelievable look at this I can get two ounces of ground cumin for $0.99 I've never seen that cheap of a price except at Costco but a Kasich leave to buy this big of a container of spices and I don't like to do that because after three to six months ground spices start to lose their flavor and after a year the volatile essential oils in the spices have really kind of died down so the flavor is not there so that's a big buy here also if you buy stuff like onion powder and garlic powder here you can use them to make my spice rubs which you know I use in ton of videos I have a new recipe for keto coconut shrimp that uses this in the breading along with pork rinds and unsweetened shredded coconut flakes which is absolutely delicious I'll put that recipe down in the description box if you've seen my Costco video you know that I love extra virgin cold-pressed avocado oil and Costco used to have the best price ever until they pulled it they got rid of a brand called shows in food and replaced it for one called Mary Ann's which is not cold-pressed well this one is they read the label it says cold-pressed avocado oil which is really good the price is good it's $6.99 for 16.9 fluid ounces if you just watched my Trader Joe's video you know it's $8.99 for the same price so I would definitely scoop this but right next to it I would stay away from the grapeseed oil I love grapeseed oil because like avocado oil it has a high smoke point meaning it won't burn and it's a neutral flavored oil meaning it won't blend any flavor to the food you're cooking but this one doesn't say expeller pressed cold-pressed or extra-virgin which means it was produced at very very high temperatures with a chemical solvent known as hexane and that is not cool it just kind of kind of ruins the texture of the oil it degrades it and anything that uses chemicals to get the oil out I don't want to use but I do like the fact that the avocado oil is neutral flavored so if you check the recipe down below in the description box for my keto cauliflower fried rice with chicken I use that it adds no flavor to the chicken and a cauliflower rice but it allows me to fry up the chicken perfectly not right next to a tart is Yi we talked about this in the Trader Joe's haul another don't buy the price is 649 for 13 ounces and it's not organic it's not grass-fed the best thing about this is instead of buying it you can make it you can make 13 ounces of e at home with one dollar and fifty cents worth of butter here at Aldi when you're making a home you can even spend a little more and use organic or grass-fed Kerrygold butter it's gonna be a much higher quality much better tasting I talked about it in the Trader Joe's video just set a few sticks of butter over medium heat until it kind of bubbles the milks fat separates from the milk solids it's golden it's pure its nutty you put that over popcorn while you're on the couch streaming Netflix it is the mom so don't buy that here and then art also said hey look Bobby they have apple cider with the vinegar with the mother here and Aldi let me talk about that at Trader Joe's – the thing is our Dulce mother mother mother way what have you gone mother I don't think this is like high quality cider because mother's missing I don't see the mother so I wouldn't buy this here Trader Joe's has the best price on apple cider vinegar with the mother you can see that murky bacterial probiotic mother at the model over here art another do not buy is the simply nature creamy almond butter I love almond butter I prefer it was organic but if I look at the ingredients can you see that R it has palm oil and sugar never by nut butters that have sugar in there doesn't need it and palm oil it's a very very cheap oil that is a really bad for you and it's shelf-stable so it helps extend the shelf life of this but it's really bad for you the price of organic almond butter at Costco is the best ever and I actually think the price Trader Joe's is better than the one here so stay away from that all right this aisle is awesome and there's so much stuff here Oh check this out art the gluten-free flour mix here is actually awesome and it's only a buck 99 for 16 ounces I hate when in grocery stores charge us two to three times the normal price to buy gluten-free keto vegan or paleo items I do not like get ripped off just because I want to buy something that's a dietary need but here this baking mix is really cheap and you always want to look at the ingredients on gluten-free flour mixes to avoid any bean flours and this one doesn't have it that's just a rice flour based the reason why you want to look because because bean flours tend to kind of smell funky a little farty I'll just say it and it makes your desserts kind of have that beam flavor or your breads have that bean flavor so avoid that but here at all the the live free gluten free mix is the bomb all right I think that's pretty much it for this aisle there's a lot of really cool stuff here but let's move on to the dairy art something I want you to avoid here the organic eggs here we talked about this in the Costco haul video and there's a lot of controversy about it I'm just gonna break it down really easily Organic doesn't mean anything cage-free and free-range doesn't mean anything it's a marketing gimmick what you want to look for is pasture-raised eggs that means it's chickens that go outside and eat bugs and worms cage-free means maybe they have an extra two feet to move around but they never go outside and they eat organic corn and soy I wouldn't waste your money on these instead art look I'd rather spend a buck thirty-nine get the conventional eggs over there that eat corn and soy too and there's really no difference besides the price which is over two dollars cheaper so these are not good organic eggs okay moving right down the line here carry gold butter is an amazing price here look at this 285 per step that's roughly the same price as the carry gold at Costco but you don't have to buy like eight sticks at one time that's a better price than over a Trader Joe's but the best price ever are c'mere this cream cheese right here 89 cents of lick every never seen it's on sale – I've never seen cream cheese that cheap if you buy the Walmart generic brand it's about a buck nothing fifty a stick craft or Philadelphia Cream Cheese is a buck ninety-nine you can use these to make my low-carb keto friendly cloud bread sandwiches that I put roasted chicken salad on it's amazing so scoop those for sure and once you buy the Kerrygold Irish butter you can use that to make my ultimate mashed potatoes that is potatoes put through a ricer with a gratuitous amounts of butter and cream and milk and garlic it is delicious all right we're right by the produce aisle let's check this out avocados are the best price here Trader Joe's is about 150 Whole Foods is about 160 like art it's 109 for these nice big avocados here you can use my ultimate guacamole recipe with these avocados once they ripen which of course they're always hard as a rock here and they take of five days to ripen on the key to the guacamole is pickling the red onions in lime juice first and then patting those red onions to the guacamole without any lime juice I learned that tip in Mexico City otherwise the lime juice makes the guacamole too acidic if you squeeze it directly in then GameChanger and then on this side this is a great deal two pounds of lemons for 349 we go through a ton of lemons on the house especially this time of year because it's cold and flu season you guys need to make my recipe for immune system boosting tea it has lemon peel lemon juice fresh turmeric fresh ginger black pepper coconut oil you mix it all up simmer it so we go through a lot of lemons also a seasonal and you're eating it right now is Meyer lemons a Meyer lemon if you've never had it is awesome it's a mix between a Clementine and a lemon and it's really really delicious and only available in the winter really cool stuff all right let's move on I love the prices on the organic beef broth chicken stock and vegetable stock it's only a buck 89 for this stuff I go through tons of this not just around the holidays but for homemade sauces and soups and stews the price for the organic beef broth and Trader Joe's is 249 it's only a buck 89 so this is definitely a place you want to stock up and get a bunch of these but the one thing I want you to go avoid are come here are these things the powdered chicken broths and bullion because I know it's quick and I know it's convenient but all you have to do look at this laundry list of ingredients here just the length alone will tell you that the first ingredient is monosodium glutamate MSG and there's a ton of other caramel coloring the preservatives listen msg is good when it's natural when it's in soy sauce mushrooms tomatoes when it's man-made from chemicals it's really bad it makes me have this reaction of sweating and my pores get swollen so stay away from that I know they're quick and convenient but go for the beef and chicken stock it's way way better um what else Oh over here is the quinoa so the quinoa here is a great price the only place that has a better price is Costco it's like 250 a pound here I think it's like $3 a pound it's a little more expensive at Trader Joe's but I go through a ton of quinoa I use it for my quinoa breakfast bowl I'll put the rest of you down below for quinoa fried rice and for my quinoa power muffins that's part of my breakfast meal prep so that is a good price here I would definitely nab that let's go on over to the meat aisle because they're surprisingly some not only amazing prices but they have grass-fed beef and bison here for one of the best prices I've ever seen so let's do it alright check this out I'm actually number one surprised that have grass-fed beef here and if you remember the Trader Joe's video I said look to the label and have to say a hundred percent grass-fed and grass finish because a lot of times what they're doing these days is grass feeding them for almost their entire life or the last six months of their life they switch with a corn to fatten them up and you reverse all of the health benefits but 5:29 a pound is it worth the leaky blood on my hands we yes it's worth it because at Whole Foods its $9.99 a pound for that at Trader Joe's I think it was $7 a pound so this is by far the best price staying in the surprise category look at this heart they have grass-fed ground bison here for eight dollars a pound once again very lean healthy red meat Whole Foods sells this for $11 a pound Trader Joe's only has frozen varieties of this for ten dollars a pound Costco doesn't even have this Costco doesn't even have grass-fed beef so all these is the competition all these has no beef and in the serious way here soured Knab Knab look at this they also have 100% grass-fed beef stew meat for seven bucks a pound I just released a video the other week for a lamb stew but you can use a beef stew instead I put a Moroccan twist on it and I cook it in the instant pot with vom spices and cinnamon and apricots it's so good and once again seven bucks a pound like a round of applause to all these because this price here on grass-fed is unbelievable let's move over to the cheese and the salads because I eat a big salad for lunch every day and you'd think the price here unlike baby spinach would be good but the organic baby spinach is more expensive here than Trader Joe's a Trader Joe's it's 2:24 a five six ounce container this is 249 art for five ounces so I would not get that there I'd actually either buy a big 15 ounce container at Costco or at Whole Foods you can get a 15 ounce container for $5 so way better than this price here also in the cheese section here you'd think also to buy Parmesan cheese here but I would stay away from it because it's how much is that 379 it's seven dollars and sixty cents a pound you can get it for under $7 at Trader Joe's we're not talking parmigiano-reggiano we're talking about domestic Parmesan so it's not really a good price here you can go buy it much cheaper at over Trader Joe's but speaking of Parmesan we just walked by one of my biggest faux paws ever when it comes to parm it's that green bottle and I want to tell you why you shouldn't buy it I know a lot of us grew up with this the parm in the green bottle there's many many reasons why you don't want to buy this one of the main ones is if you look at the ingredients it says powdered cellulose you guys know what that is it's a wood pulp so you're paying money for wood pulp dust to be in here it's an anti-caking agent but it's also filler it's disgusting to be eating wood pulp and the flavor of this shelf-stable parmesan pales in comparison to the one you can freshly great yourself so stay away from that and just buy the stuff that you can great anytime you want that's a major nono right no don't buy that cheese right that's bad stuff Mac don't buy it yeah leave it a Louis your I see we got some passionate people here at Aldi all right last but certainly not least is the almond milk here I haven't blown away about this price you can get 64 ounces of unsweetened almond milk for 229 the equivalent of this would be 360 at Trader Joe's I've never seen almond milk at that price I always buy on the sweetened unflavored almond milk because I use it in a lot of savory applications we do without a dairy free recipes at home so I have a recipe for gluten-free dairy-free cornbread where I make dairy-free buttermilk and I have recipe for creamy coconut chia seed pudding or I use almond milk and coconut milk and this is the best price ever so I'm gonna be buying it here from now on alright I think that's it you guys we just crushed this healthy 2019 all these budget haul we've done all these we've done Cosmo you've done Trader Joe's let me know the next one you want to see make sure you share this video I'm surprised we did not get kicked out like we did on Trader Joe's let's get my quarter back for this amazing cart I had an awesome time two more videos or streaming below me right now art and I will see you very soon until then hashtag keep all cooking and I love taste

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44 thoughts on “10 Healthy Grocery Items To Buy At Aldi in 2019…And What To Avoid!”

  1. Wish we in the UK had products like you have in USA our Aldi have nothing like you have in the USA

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  3. Oh, they have the best razors too. Reasonable sturdy three bladers that last and last. Great affordable wines and yummy goat cheese at less than half the price.

  4. Aldi has large organic baby greens. They are great and cheap three something for a very large tub. Aldi is great reasonable organics.. shopping their will cut your grocery bill more than in half. Many more nice organic products and a great "Seed Tastic" bread or the 12 large whole grain loaf is just a dollar something. Can't beat it.

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  8. What an interesting video. I'm in Australia and your Aldi is about twice the size of ours. I do shop there but sometimes have to shop at Coles or Woolworths to get certain items that are unavailable. I do check the ingredient listing at Aldi (and other stores too)because despite their claim that they're comparable to the more expensive brands, they regularly use inferior ingredients and fillers. I have not joined Costco here either – $50 to join. It's made to look like a warehouse to evoke a feeling of "bargain" but really, bulk products have a use by date and would be wasted on an average sized family's consumption. It's a false economy.

  9. I wonder what you have with regards to meeting kosher food requirements for your views who follow the biblical dietary laws. And those following the dietary restrictions for controlling issues relating to disabilities that can be helped through diets such as autism and downs syndrome. My brother along with some cousins of mine have autism. But yet we have family friends with downs and their issues are helped with diet. And we have also noticed that many health issues improve or are fully reversed when the biblical dietary. I know quite a few doctors who have studied the issue brought it up both family and non-family. The reason I use the word family is that I have quite a few relatives who are or where doctors. And no none of them have had their licenses revoked they either retired or have past away since I last saw them. And our family usually live into their 80's 90's or 100's. If they die before that is because of the accident, an illness they just couldn't fight anymore or where murdered. One great uncle died in a fire. He was a doctor. My paternal grandmother was a nurse she passed away at 103 years of age and two months shy of her 104th. And her one remaining sibling was 100 years old at her passing. I haven't heard of his passing yet so he could still be alive.

  10. I've found a new use for the very reasonably priced carts. I take the sturdy wheels off, throw it he cart away, and put the wheels on the frig., Washing machine, dryer, etc, in order to roll out them around and easily clean under them. So convenient. Thank u Aldi!

  11. GLUTEN FREE FLOUR MIX. This costs more everywhere because the flours in it are more costly than wheat, and it is a mix. The store isn’t ripping you off, and neither is the manufacturer. It costs them more to make this than a bag of wheat flour.

  12. In Germany putting a coin in your cart is normal and has nothing to do with it being a cheap store. Also a lot more organized unlike here lol

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  15. Some of your quotes about Trader Joe's are not correct. TJ's almond milk is $2.69. Yes, it's still cheaper at Aldi's, but not almost $1 cheaper.

  16. I tried Aldi grass fed ground beef and didn’t like it. It had a lot of grizzle and didn’t taste good. Not sure about your Costco, but mine sold bison.

  17. The money in the cart us done in Germany by all stores. Aldi is a German company. I used to live there and I thought that was such a good idea. It keeps the carts out if the parking lot. I have wondered why America has not adopted such a practice.

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  19. Misinformation. Almond butter is fine if it's just almond butter…just check the ingredients and make sure its organic.

  20. Aldi's is the best ! 🙂 Thank you for all the good healthy FRESH green foods ! Good managers, skilled buyers, clean stores, fast service.
    The Live-G-Free products taste great, and are very healthy if you would like to avoid gluten in your diet.
    The Better-than-eggs Cholesterol Free is a healthy alternative to eggs if you want to lower your cholesterol intake. Great for western omelets.

  21. I live in Germany and everybody buy in aldi. They have quality no name products. The owners From aldi nord and south, always count of quality products and items. For sure I am going to buy in an aldi in my next visit to California!

  22. I’m so excited to see this video I have been working at aldi for six years and this makes me happy that you enjoyed shopping their LOVE YOUR VIDEOS

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    And that almond milk is just flavored chemical water🥵

  24. Aldi sure has become fancy since I shopped with them back home. Wish they would open some in Northern Nevada. Sadly, we have none here and they are needed! I miss their bargain groceries.

  25. I returned to shopping @ Aldi's because I needed to cut my food budget!
    My local store recently got a huge facelift, and I love it!

    I have never seen the grass fed & finished beef OR bison… And how can I have that brought in??? They also do NOT carry the Kerry Gold butter???
    I bought Beef ribs for an incredible price, AND Sirloin Roast for 3.99 a lb.
    I have to travel 20- 30 min on the highway to get to the nearest Trader Joe's… So… Market Basket is 1 mile from my house, and their prices are the lowest in the state, AND the Italian cheeses they sell are Italian.

    Two weeks ago avocadoes were over $1 each, last week, back down to $.69.
    I do wish they would carry more organic greens too!

  26. I just went to Aldi in Bloomfield NJ and it was nothing like this one that Bobby was at. It was horrible. Nothing was there all low end garbage and stuff wasn’t even taken out of the packaging box it was just put on the shelf. Absolute garbage.

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