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Methew Wade

37 thoughts on “10 Different Animal Walk Exercises”

  1. Thank you for watching! Timestamps are in description and you can learn the benefits and find more instructions in this blog post โžž http://bit.ly/animal-walk-movements

  2. I would like to know which of these 10 exercises would be the most important ones to improve my SQUAT MOBILITY? Horse walk obviously.. help much apprecitated! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Some of these exercises are a pain on the knees, i tried the monkey walks and the impact of my knees on the carpet nearly left me paralyzed…Same for most of the other exercises, just pain on the knees…Do you need a soft floor like yours when doing these?

  4. Nice! I'm a huge fan of the Chameleon & the Crouching Tiger, because they remind me of The Beast from "Split" crawling up the wall.

  5. Not sure if I see the resemblance between the horse walk and a horse. Crouching tiger is the same as the alligator crawl. Btw where is the bear crawl?

  6. these are Shaolin techniques not found in yoga or Kalaripayattu but they probably gonna start copying it & then claim they invented these

  7. 2:08 when you gotta go to other bathroom because you've realized too late that the one you're in don't have toilet paper.

  8. HI,, thank you for the video. i love yr lizard walk. anyway are the exercises good for the knees as well? i want to do proper warm up of the knees before starting my bjj class…

  9. Okay. It's first Jan, 2019 today and I swear that by 31st Dec, 2019 I will be able to do all of these walks. So inspired. Let toil begin.

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