Welcome to Calisthenic Movement. My name is Alex. And in this video, I show you 10 basic strength exercises. Let’s start with the first exercise, the Scapular Raise or Scapular Raise Hold. This exercise focuses on your back. It looks easy on the first view, but is very hard if you perform it correctly. You hang on a bar, let your arms straight and pull your shoulder blades down and together. With this exercise, you activate your lats, trapezius and many other muscles in the back. This exercise is very helpful for your straight arm pull strength. The next exercise is the Push Up Hollow Body Hold. Push your straight arms powerful towards the ground and make a hollow body position. With that you activate your push and core muscles, which include the delts, chest, serratus anterior and your abs. This exercise is helpful for your straight arm push strength. The next exercise is a Dip Forward Lean Support Hold. Again you push yourself up to let your body move slightly out of the vertical position. The more you lift your body out of the vertical position, the harder this movie gets. This exercise is good to train the shoulders, lats, and trapezius, and will also help you to develop straight arm strength. Let’s move on with the Reverse Plank Bridge or Crab Hold. Support yourself with your arms and lift your pelvis until your body is in horizontal line. Now you activate the backside of your shoulders, trapezius and the whole posterior chain, which includes the erector spinae, the hamstrings, and glutes. The next both exercises are the Handstand Walk and the Hold on the Wall. The walk trains your push muscles like shoulders, chest, and triceps in the first place, and also need support of your core muscles to stabilize the body. The Hold On the Wall trains your trapezius and shoulders. In the same time you mobilize your shoulder joints when you place your wrists(?) very near to the wall. These exercises could be(?) the basic strength and mobility for the straight handstand. Let’s go on with the Bear Crawl or Gecko Walk. Start slowly and always move one arm and the opposite leg forward at the same time. This exercise trains your whole anterior chain which include abs, delts, chest, hip flexor, and the quads. In addition to that, you get a coordinative training. The next exercise is the Arch Hold. Lift your arms and pull your chin to your chest. Avoid to look forward and over-stretch your neck. Lift a bit of your upper-body as well as your legs. This exercise is perfect to train your posterior chain. It trains your trapezius, erector spinae, the hamstrings and glutes. The exercise to train the opposite muscles is the Hollow Body Hold. Here you also pull your chin to the chest and keep your head in a neutral position. Lift the shoulder blades and legs off the ground. This exercise is a very good static abdominal exercise. The last but no least exercise is the Deep Squat Hold. Here we have a lot to pay attention to. Go down deep without losing the tension in the lowest position. The whole foot stays on the ground. And you move downward in a straight line. Don’t move the knees too far in front of your ankles. And open your legs when you go down, to give your body some room. Rotate your pelvis backwards. And pull back your shoulder blades. When you execute this exercise correctly, you don’t only train your legs but also parts of the back and core. I hope you gain some information about the basic strength exercises with this video. If you have any questions about this video, just leave a comment. Thank you and see you soon.

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Methew Wade

100 thoughts on “10 Basic Strength Exercises You Should Know”

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  3. I am not able to do pull ups or chinups so I used to do Scapula Raise Hold without knowing that they were even an exercise

  4. I did the gecko walk while at work, but someone called security. Not sure why… I mean, I was wearing a suit and tie.

  5. I think arch hold was incorrectly shown, just my noob opinion. Hips bones should be a center of mass contact with the ground, everything else in hyper extension, no?

  6. These are great but I don't think they we're clear about these being for people have been doing this for months lol

  7. hlo i very much like your videos but i am confused that as a beginer which exercise i should do?? plzzzz!! help me

  8. Great video. I'm 57 and just started bodyweight exercises. Some of these moves will help fix and/or alleviate my old shoulder and low back problems

  9. The first exercise got me sore in my whole back, and I only did a couple of reps. I have been training for almost a decade and have rarely gotten that sore so easily.

  10. I am helping a fried of mine, who has a problem with push movements and I'm wondering if you can help. So for any horizontal push (planks, bear walk, even a plain table) her upper traps are working very hard and getting very sore. Her form seems to be ok so I have put it down to her biomechanics. She is hyper mobile so maybe they need to work particularly hard to keep the shoulders in place in these weightbearing positions? Any thoughts on ways of adapting these movements that will not cause problems in the upper traps? Or other remedial ideas? Thank you

  11. Hi, I got a hard time doing the arch hold. My arms doesn't seem to want to get up from the ground, any advice? thanks for the video btw, very interesting and useful!

  12. Hello, thank you for the video.
    However, I cannot do a very deep squat. I found out why: it is because I don't have a great ankle mobility. How do you think it can be fixed?

  13. Definitely!! You are by far the best coach and trainer here on YouTube. Keep up the good work!! Much appreciated..

  14. i don't even bother viewing even a second of ANY of these videos before clicking THUMBS UP. then i watch!

    these dudes are hardcore AND they offer EXCELLENT instructional videos. ALL of their videos deserve a THUMBS UP.

    as for this "basic" workout. yeah, right. "basic".

    and where are Alex's famous blue shorts? lol!!!

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