Year of 2018 Fill the holes with spawns Year of 2019 Granny, I am going into the mountains. Trim the stems and air dry, to be used in soup in the future Fried Shiitake mushroom Diced bamboo shoot Fried peas ginger, garlic, pepper, chili pepper sauce, pickled pepper chili bean sauce shiitake sauce minced garlic, pork sausage, shiitake, peas leftover rice Shiitake sausage rice Shiitake port dumplings Savory vegetarian soup mushroom stuffed meat

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Methew Wade

100 thoughts on “我把香菇种到山里啦!I planted shiitake mushrooms in the mountain! | Liziqi Channel”

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  2. Its mushroom season in southwest germany and man, have i been feasting down! This dish i havent tried yet. Thanks for the delicious ideas!

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  6. 我が家でも庭で櫟(ケヤキ)の木に椎茸の菌を植えて原木椎茸を作っています。

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