Sticky rice Braised Pork with Sweet Rice Wine Dawang. Sticky rice Soak in water for 5 hours Dawang, what are you gonna do? Steam the sticky rice until cooked Stir and let it cool down to body temperature Cold boiled water Sweet distiller’s yeast Ahao, fetch me a spoon from the shelf. Okay. Scoop into a jar The sweet rice wine will be ready by your school holiday. Press hard Seal Tie it up Ahao, take these rice cake. Let’s roast them. Okay. Roasted Sticky Rice Cake Grandma, this one is cooked. Wow, it’s so crispy. Five days later Sweet Rice Wine Take the sweet rice wine juice Water Flour Let it rest for 2 hours Grandpa, have some sweet rice wine. It’s yummy. Yummy. You haven’t even tried it. Grandpa, let’s roast some meat. Want some more, grandpa? I think this will be enough. Soak in rice water for an hour. Flour Use the sweet rice wine as an yeast Let it rest until twice the size Rock candies Heat until the color changes Water Garlic, ginger Braising species Salt Light soy sauce Dark soy sauce Stew for an hour Braising juice Sweet rice wine Ahao, do tend to the heat. Let it rest for 20 minutes Pumpkin Sweet rice wine Brown sugar Sticky rice flour Eggs Use starch water to thicken the porridge Sweet Rice Wine Porridge Steamed Pumpkin with Sweet Rice Wine Steamed Sweet Rice Wine Bun Steamed Sweet Rice Wine Bun
Ahao, take it to the table. Braised Pork with Sweet Rice Wine Tell them the meal is ready. Hurry, or the dishes will get cold. Grandpa, this is for you. Sis, here you are. Ahao, here you are. Dawang, have some steamed bun. He doesn’t like steamed bun. Hello, I am Dianxi Xiaoge. Do you make rice wine at home? In my home, we usually make a jar of rice wine during the holiday seasons. It’s very easy to make rice wine. Soak the sticky rice and steamed until cooked. Let it cool down to around 40 degrees. Sprinkle with some water and stir the sticky rice with hands. Mix with some sweet distiller’s yeast. Mix well. Store the sticky rice into a sealed jar. Do press the mixture hard. And make a little hole in the middle. When the sweet rice wine juice gets to the surface, and fill up the hole, the sweet rice wine is ready. Do try it yourself if you have the time. Hope you guys enjoy this video. Bye-bye!

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  1. so sad,before there is english subtitle for us to understand,hope that u will consider other nationality whose watching your videos,,still watching God bless😊😊😊

  2. 在國外最難買的是酒曲,買過一次怎麼做都不能發酵,後來網上一查很多盜版的。雖然人在紐約,但是不知道門路哪裡買啊!

  3. You are a girl with good knowledge of cooking. You should publish a cookbook.
    I have waited for your video for a long time, hope you will make more videos.
    Big fans from Vietnam. Thank you

  4. Kalo di Indonesia ini mah TAPE KETAN.
    kaget sih ternyata tape ketan bisa dibuat bermacam2 olahan gak cuman dicampur es buah. nanti bilang mamah liat ini kayaknya gampang bikinnya 😉

    nice video ❤️🇮🇩

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  6. Can you please make the subtitle in English. i have been looking this for a very long time and its very interesting and I like it but can't understand what you speak and add to the food.

  7. I love all your videos but pls pls please can u put english subtitles on your videos please.😘😍😍😍😍😍😍

  8. This is that time when I would disrespect everyone at the table. I'm not eating fermented rice stewing in its water. Thank you "BUT" no!!!!😨😨😨😖😖😖

  9. You are too good cook but plzzz when your dog ask for food give him too he is tooo cute, when animals are hungry they can’t tell you by mouth they only tell you by their gestures

  10. Thank you Dianxi for another soothing video. You are the Queen we don't even deserve.
    I think I might actually try that for New Year next week.

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    以為真的不怕燙結果拿上來還是嘶~🤣 煮了二十年也還是怕燙啊我。

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  14. Even though i don't understand a single word i enjoy every single video you made.And i hope all this is real…:-)

  15. They are not using any plastic even buckets also but we Indians using lot of plastic please everyone try to avoid plastic

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