do you do you do you know that when we
encourage you to write a desire down it’s not because you need to write it
down to create it it’s that in writing your desire for the time of the writing
you hold your stuff in vibrational alignment with it so it’s an exercise of
allowing what you want there we want to hear you but we want to stick this in
real quick there are three steps to the process step one is ask life causes you
to do that you can’t not ask step two is the answer into what you’re asking
source does that you heard us explain that in the moment that you ask source
becomes it that is quite an answer and calls you toward it step three is you
must allow what you’re asking for so when you sit with the three things that
are really important to you and you write about what you want and why you
want it there is a pretty good opportunity for you to deliberately
align with the essence of your desire it’s the equivalent of letting go of the
oars because you can’t talk about what you want and why you want it without
turning downstream when you talk about what you want and how you’re gonna get
it if you don’t know how you’re gonna get it you often turn upstream when you
talk about what you want and who will bring it or when it will come or where
it will come from as you ask these questions that you don’t have answers to
it almost always turns you upstream and makes you doubt and feel powerless but
when you write about what you want and why you want it it almost always causes
you to let go of the oars if they exercise at the closing the gap in fact
every process that we’ve ever offered is about closing that gap not one not one
process is necessary for creating life causes you to ask and source answers
every process is a process to help you turn downstream to let go of a little
more resistance and I can definitely feel that when I’m focused on
visualizing all that I’m wanting and appreciating having it vibrationally
because you’ve got hold of it in other words
when you start to visualize something it’s like you’re saying I’m in charge of
this thought process and I am deliberately directing my thoughts
visually mentally toward positive outcomes downstream downstream
downstream downstream downstream where sometimes life just catches you off
guard and we have a knee-jerk upstream reaction to it but when you sit
deliberately to write or visualize you get a better handle on where you’re
going do you ever find in the beginning of a visualization process that sometimes thoughts of what you don’t
want creep in or even dominate at first what do you do about it anytime any
negative thought starts coming in I just try and focus back on perhaps something
else that I’m very positive and do you find that since it’s all in your head
anyway that in a visual a visualization setting that even though a negative
thought might creep in and turn you upstream that since you’re just
visualizing is just air mm-hmm that it’s easier for you to get it and turn it
then it would be in the middle of an argument so to speak or in the middle of
a real-life manifestation where you’re observing something upstream mm-hmm so
if I can create I guess especially throughout most my early 20s I was just
throwing all kinds of ideas of there in terms of things that I wanted to do and
achieve and you know coming is where you go further we want to stick something
else in hold that thought because we like where you’re going but we want you
we want you to contemplate this in light of the whole of what you’re asking for
here when you deliberately conjure an image for the purpose of creating we
want you to understand that so often people think well I’m going to sit and
do my creating now and we want you to understand that all that visualization
is is practicing the vibration of letting what
you’ve already asked for in that this is just vibrational practice all that
visualizing is not making something happen it’s letting something that’s
already happened in that’s such an important distinction you’re not
creating with your affirmations you’re not creating with your visualizations
you are practicing a vibration that lets it in so the more visualizing you do the
more you set a tone that lets more in so now we want to go back to the very first
thing that you ask because it’s so important this is the way we heard it if
I have two or three or five or ten but let’s say two things that I really want
do I split my energy by focusing upon two things rather than giving my
undivided attention to one thing that I want and we want to say to you two
things that you sort of kind of believe are much more powerful you to focus upon
then one thing that you don’t in other words so you want to use the things that
you believe most as your reason to focus because when you take a shower for
something that you believe you can accomplish and you give your undivided
attention to that thing in which you have belief now you’ve practiced the
vibration of belief and now all the things that you want in that practice of
belief must be allowed even if you’ve been practicing this idea of belief on a
different subject than the other things does that make sense in other words
there’s resisting and there’s allowing and it doesn’t matter what you’re using
as your excuse to allow that’s why we always say start with the easy things
start with the things that you believe because when you focus upon the things
that you believe you close the gap and when you close the gap you let in all
the stuff you want helpful yes powerful to know now we interrupted you and you
were going someplace really good okay so in that in that sense it was a lot of
different you know ideas coming forth but never manifesting many of them
because I would get to a point where I’d be like well actually okay maybe I don’t
really want that particular thing or we’re not now I’m at a point where I’m
very quite clear on everything here’s what we think happens and if this
doesn’t resonate with you this is what so many people do I’m gonna give you a
very easy to follow depiction here so life causes you to want something and
for a while you’re writing about it and you’re
thinking about it you’re visualizing about it you’re feeling pretty good
about it and you’re moving toward it now this is the this is an important
distinction more than 99% if every creation is completed vibrationally
before you see the physical evidence of it it’s just the way it works you have
to think a thought and get it really active in your vibration before the
evidence is allowed in so an man has been telling that story in in a lot of
different ways even in Genesis as man tries to describe the way God created
the planet it is a it everything that is manifestation was first thought and
thought upon a long time before the manifestation occurs well now all of you
here in your leading-edge expression you are following this same process of
creating only it’s easier for you the process of creating the gap between the
inception of an idea and the full manifestation of it is very short now
this this is the time of fast creating and so it doesn’t take a lot of time but
it does take steady direction and that’s why we tell the story of Jerry and
Esther going from Phoenix to Yuma which is halfway to San Diego about Phoenix
Juma and then back to Phoenix Juma and then back to Phoenix Juma so what
happens is and this is the way we really want you to get a sense of this so life
causes you to want something and you begin moving along pretty well toward it
but then because you can’t see the manifestation or evidence
of it then you don’t hold your vision upon what you want you begin to look at
what is and as you begin to look at what is then you live more contrast that
gives birth to another desire and as you begin to turn your attention toward the
new desire but it’s taking longer than you want then you begin to notice what
is so what happens is new contrast keeps showing up and getting your attention
and muddying the waters of the pure thought about what you want and that’s
why your question feels so valid and is is my quest for so many different things
what’s slowing me down and we want you to understand it’s not the quest for
different things that’s slowing you down it’s you’re not stayin in the direction
of any one of them long enough to see them to fruition you’re taking score too
soon you’re looking for the physical evidence and feeling the discouragement
in the lack of the evidence and then turning upstream because you’re using
something you’re using a bogus indicator as your directional guide you’re looking
for manifestation on evidence as your directional guide when you want to look
for emotional response in other words as long as you’re feeling optimistic it’s
in the process of becoming in the moment that you start doubting you’ve turned
and and until you get optimistic again that one’s done you might as well go on
to another one you say so we just want you to find one thing that you feel
optimistic about and everything you want will then happen isn’t that interesting
just find one thing that you feel optimistic about find one thing that you
feel appreciation about give it your undivided attention and everything that
life has caused you to ask for will come in a lot of people who begin doing this
work with us report in something similar to that they say it feels like I have a
rubber band stretched back really far and when I found this material I let go
and a whole lot of things happened really quickly and we say because a
little bit of allowing goes a long way because you’ve been asking and asking
asking and asking and asking oh you have such prolific vibrational s s gross oh
so much in your vibrational escrow and when you chill out a little stuff starts
getting in but then you start over doing it in this deliberate creation stuff we
called this for quite a while the science of deliberate creation but you
took it all too seriously with you suck suck you’re trying to cancel chasm try
to suck your thoughts back before a law of attraction gets hold of them oh I
thought a thought of something that I don’t want what if it gets all of that
and we say just chill out you are where you are your streams moving toward what
you want this isn’t a big deal you’re worthy beings it’s supposed to work out
for you it’s supposed to be fun you never get it done and you want this ride
can you imagine Jerry and Esther staying to the river guide where will we take
our boat out and he would say Oh many miles downstream and they say well we
would like to put our raft back on the bus bus it down the canyon and put it in
the river just a few hundred yards from where we’re going to take it out because
we like instant manifestation and he was a very accommodating man he would have
done that if they’d asked but he would have said all right crazy lady but I
thought you wanted a ride on the river and this is the thing that we want to
say to you you did not want you didn’t come here in order to go immediately to
all of those manifestations you gave here so that contrast could help you
give birth to them so that you could contemplate and choose and decide you
came into this creative environment so that you could focus yourself into
alignment so that you could feel the satisfaction of some discord coming into
alignment and the feeling of things clicking into place and then you could
watch the manifestation of evidence of your alignment and then you could with
that new accomplishment now stand in a new set of contrasting experiences that
would give birth to yet more desires so that you could focus in the direction of
it and feel the alignment of it and feel yourself clicking into place and then
see the manifestation of evidence of your alignment this is the joyous ride
that you want not one of you we have never seen anyone say I’m going on
vacation they they’re friends I’m going on vacation
and I’m at home and I’m gonna go here and here and here and here and here and
here and here in about two weeks I’m gonna come back home and then they say
wait what was I thinking home is my final destination and I’m
already home why go I think I will just check vacation off my list I have
accomplished my vacation and it was so much less expensive and we say you
didn’t go on the vacation to get it done you went on a vacation for the fun along
the way for the new ideas for the stimulation of thought for the
interesting things that would occur for the mixing it up for the opportunity to
create the and that’s the way you felt about this life experience none of you
said I’ll go forth I’ll decide what I want and I’ll get I decide what I want
and get I’ll decide we’re on it get it you said I’ll go forth and I’ll mix it
up and I’ll know what I don’t want which will help me to get clear about what I
do want and I’ll do that all day every day until I formulate my idea of the
life that I would like to live

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  1. You actually don't have a soul, you are a soul, but not every lifeform is a portal for soul transfer codes trough the concept of incarnation cycles or soul recycling. Light is spiritual technology and able to transform dust into life if its fusing a certain amount of special data trough the multidimensional vortex of interdimensional source codes. The mechanism of incarnation is the sacrifice of truth trough memory removement and the ritual of a split between body and soul to transplant the need of multiple incarnations with a holographical ghost shell dna cell complex, called body, which is actually only a reality suit.

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